Desert beauty (non Airbnb)

I took the only guest dog I have now out for a field trip. This is at the Border Patrol Museum/Franklin Mountains State Park. The desert is so diverse and beautiful. We also had a 4.7 earthquake about 60 miles away


Stunning and a lovely idea to celebrate all that is good when sometimes it seems we are surrounding by all that is bad.


It was reported yesterday that NYC rescues and shelters have run out of dogs. So many people are fostering and hopefully many of those will be “foster fails.”


Do you happen to what type of cactus that is with the red blossoms? My next-door neighbors have one and it’s just starting to bloom. I’ve never seen another like it here. It’s about 25-years old and it started dying about a year ago and is now about 1/3 dead and I don’t know if it’ll survive another year. They’re not interested in saving it. I’d like to find out what it is so I can get one for my yard.

Ask can you lop a piece off and plant it.


I tried it twice and didn’t survive and while I’m not a pro at growing cacti from cuttings, I’m not inexperienced either. Some cacti are hard to grow from cuttings (e.g. saguaro). I’ve also gathered the shriveled “fruit” and it’s never made seeds, either, probably because there are no others like it around.

Doing some searching, it’s probably a Claret Cup.

I think it’s mojave mound. Here’s a pic of the whole thing.


Yes, aka Mojave Mound.

Thank you for the beautiful pics, you’re very talented!

Every Spring the former Mr. Wonderful and I would head to Baja and go camping and off-roading amidst the Spring flowers. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

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I hope all of you know about Pluto Living hilarious talking dog videos (you tube) and “Rock the Lock Down” on fb! p/s we might get another dog!!!

YESSS WE GOT HIM!!! We are over the moon and so is Bella:)


i have one blooming out my front door. i brought it from TX, which amuses my dad. When i move back, it will be going with me. I don’t know what it’s called. I found it growing on my family’s old place and in 30 years it’s the only one like it I ever saw there.

The little hummerbirds love it.

I just took this photo of my neighbors’, from an angle that hides the dead part. It’s nearly 4-ft wide. I think the first blossoms opened over the weekend. It has much fewer blossoms than most years. I think it has a fungal infection. These same neighbors had a 17-ft tall Saguaro fall over on their car three years ago. It obviously had a fungal rot from too much moisture and was growing about 6 feet away from this one.


I think that’s the same cactus. In the bottom photo…sorry but I had to lol.

That’s a shame. It is probably doomed.

My ocotillo finally really bloomed for the first time last year. It was planted several years prior. I got this with my Nikon last May to memorialize it. Thought you might enjoy.


Ocotillo are fantastic, especially with a dog in the picture.

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Oh well in that case, here’s one featuring the doglike rodent. Don’t pay attention to all the mesquite mess all over the pavers. Aaaaachooooo!


I love arid landscapes.
If you don’t put kakadu on your bucket list your crazy!
Most amazing place I’ve ever been to.

I’m not putting overseas travel on any bucket lists for the foreseeable future. But hopefully others will be able to.

I am glad I had the opportunity to be abroad and I am happy to stay put here where I am until I repatriate to TX and die there. To quote the late Ross Perot RIP: “Texas born, Texas bred. When I die [god willing] I’ll be Texas dead.”

Here is some more xeriscape in bloom for you.