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Denying Bargain Hunters


huuh? What button? …


You wrote earlier on this thread: “Hit the Flag this user button!”

I do not know where to find this button.


It would be on their profile page. But only use it if the person is a scammer or if the listing is super dodgy.


Ah, ok. It is on the rentER’s profile page. I was looking in settings and such. Ok, thanks VERY much!


Just got a request ‘We want to book your place for 14
Nignts but have another offer from a place further from the city center, for $180/night. Can you match?’ Immediate decline. ‘Sorry I cant lower my price by 60% for you, luckily we have adequate public transport, so you should be fine not in the city center’


Uggggg…rude little cheapskates!


I have also had a couple of those people recently, and lesson learned definitely deny people asking for discounts especially if they ask you to waive the cleaning fee , these guests are the type that will complain about every stupid thing just waiting on what then review will be


Just got a request for 9 people; my listing serves a maximum of five. They want to “save money” and hope “that’s okay.” No, it’s not. I suggested the youth hostel, camping or another host who doesn’t mind having 9 cheapskates living in their house for three days for $400. I wouldn’t even let 9 relatives stay in my house.


Bahahahhahah, this was my best laugh of the morning. You tell 'em!!!


You see? There you go. The problem with discount seekers is that they are giving away that they do not respect you or your space enough to pay what you ask. They are the type of people who aim to get something more for less, self-centered and entitled. I don’t want these guests in my house. I’ll hold out for more respectful guests who appreciate the kick ass space they are getting for less than the price of the local seedy motels.


I agree, his issue is with Airbnb. If you dropped your price he would still have their service fees.


We just received a bargain hunter request, “but wanted to check before looking elsewhere.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Greeeeeat opener.


Ha! I got a request recently saying could they bring their wedding party of 18. My house fits 8. Geez.


Got in inquiry “What can you tell us that will make us want to book your place?” I simply responded “All the relevant information is in my listing.” Ugh, what were they expecting? “You sound so lovely you can stay for free.” “I will put on a private circus show for your enjoyment.” ???


@dpfromva - That’s a new one! I wonder where they learned that negotiating tactic?


“Following your very unusual question, what can you tell me that will make me want to have you as guests in my place?”


I had a discount seeker who loved my energy and my place, esp my trees. She played the poor single traveler card, which wasn’t clever as I’m a solo traveler. I look for places that fit my budget, rather than places that I can’t afford but are attractive to me, and then ask for a discount. Dumb move.

“I was just wondering if you have a discount option for single person. I like to take my retreats alone but almost all prices are meant for +2 people, so sometimes I’m facing financial dilemma. I’m looking for self-contained units as I like to bring and prepare my own food (organic one preferred). I liked to travel, but now I’m searching more for silence and solitude.”

I suggest she look for a smaller cheaper listing, and said I was open to a discount if she came midweek rather than weekend. She does the same job I do, so I know she can take weekdays off and work weekends.

"Its my ongoing problem, Louise. When I travel I can stay anywhere, but when I retreat is different story. Place’s energy and people who live there also matter to me.

I didn’t hear back, I guess my energy was only good for weekends!


Eye roll, sounds like a bunch of BS.


If someone asks me to waive the cleaning fee and I say yes, does that mean I can leave the room and bath filthy from the previous guests and the new (bargain hunters) will clean it all themselves???


I dont mind bargainers if they are reasonable. I rent now to 4 people in separate house for 6 months in a row and we bargained for 2 days before they finally rented.
They stopped when I finally told them that it’s my only source of income.
I don’t like bargainers who bargain without any intention to rent. They are just trying and see what happens. And offer me half the price

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