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Denying Bargain Hunters


They also think that since Airbnb hosts are not the Hilton, they’re pushovers and doormats. Instant red alert!

Addendum: Some Airbnb hosts are, until they read threads on this forum at least.


How annoying. I think i would just hit the decline button.


Deny bargain hunters? Always!


Once I get a message asking for a discounted price for certain dates, I respond with a courteous refusal. Then I block a day in the middle of their requested stay, in the hope that they move on and find somewhere else to stay.


And if you say no to a price decrease and they book anyway they’ll mark you down on “value”. Because they can.


Well they cannot with me because I’m not on IB and never will be.


I also use a similar tactic when I want to decline an Inquiry (but for other reasons). I block a day or two at either end of the requested dates and respond to the inquirer that I have a pending request via another platform which affects some of their dates. Then I suggest they either select alternate dates (they never do because they have their travel plans in place), or continue searching for another suitable VR, or take a chance and wait until I hear back from the “other” party. :yum:


Brilliant! I"m going to use that one!


We get bargain hunters all the time. Sometimes it’s best to just decline and not give a reason they can use against you. I even get the ridiculous, where they ask me if the nightly rental for a PH is the monthly price? I don’t want to give them something they can use against us so we just hit the decline button and move on.


I get it too all the time. They ask me if 275$ a week is the price for a month. I usually answer : it would be … in 1970’s😀


After 19 months of hosting, I have just received my first request for a discount on a third party reservation.

The story this person told made no sense at all but the essence was Friend A and his wife are buying a house in January so they need a discount from me. Ummmm… Exactly why should I subsidize their choices?

I started to decline, but AirBNB has added an answer tree which I chose not to deal with.


So what happens? You ignore the request and your response rate gets dinged?


No. A @smartbnb.io message was sent at 2AM, I then responded at 6:30am with a personal message. Since this was an inquiry, not a booking request, my perfect record remains just that.

There is no reason to accept or deny an inquiry.


I just got a new one this morning. The usual…compliment the home, say the place is a little out of their budget, and then offer 50% to stay. I replied:


If I were you, I’d call VRBO/Homeaway and ask them to waive the service fee they charge you. That may bring you closer to the price within your budget.



If that were a Trip Advisor message it would get blocked! :laughing::laughing:


Yeah…TripAdvisor would claim I am trying to get to book directly. And not true. I don’t want this guest! :smile:


My Dear Community,

Yes, I fell for it…again,

I gave a guest a small discount on cleaning (DING DING DING!)…since he was coming for a few days, leaving, and coming back again. He wanted more of a discount, but I refused (WHEW!)

And then, before he arrived, the AMAZON boxes started arriving:1…2…3…4…19! , many BEFORE he was here for a total of 4 days (2 here, 2 away(not paying), then 2 again). Blamed his wife (so not cool!).The boxes came BEFORE he arrived, WHILE he was here, and AFTER he left.


Who had to tie up those boxes up? And throw out the packing stuff inside those boxes? Yes, that would be me.

Then, as he was leaving (for two days before returning), he pointed to two massive bags containing his AMAZON stuff and said, “Where can I leave these?”.

WTF? Really?

Obviously, I need a crash course in saying F**K YOU to people like this…yet I just allowed it.

And now, he has given me a less than perfect review. One sentence about how WONDERFUL my Airbnb was, and 3 1/2 sentences about some “noise” he heard from above. BTW, it’s a Manhattan apartment. One other person in 103 reviews has ever had an issue with noise and still gave a perfect 5-star review.

Yes, again, if you missed it


Thank you for listening.


lol! You’re not an idiot, you’re just too nice. I had a guest who left behind two boxes of crap that she bought in charity shops (thrift stores) and then decided she didn’t want it. She left a cheerful note saying ‘I can’t use this but perhaps it will be useful for you’.

Oh yes, I have been missing a cracked ugly salad bowl my whole life. And that array of nasty and bulky ornaments that even my great-grandmother would have thrown straight in the bin are so very welcome. Aaaggh!

It’s hard to dispose of such things when there are strict local laws about recycling etc. So now I am pretty strict about what people leave behind. If it can be recycled, all good, If not - take that crap away with you.


Thanks Magwitch. I still feel stupid, or at least, a willing victim.

Never again!


Ahhh my dear, we’ve all been there. It’d a hard one to learn but the lesson is…
The more demanding they are, the less appreciative they will be.

No more Mr. nice guy!
Please do not let anyone send packages. As I have related here, a guest sent two pounds of crystal meth to his host in Hawaii. The host was not prosecuted, but he could have been. There is never ever a reason to receive a package of unknown contents at your home. Let them send it to the UPS service if they have to have it so bad.

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