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Denying Bargain Hunters


I have default discounts setup for guests that are staying a certain number of days. I do auto-pricing and frequently use Airbnb’s suggestions for min/max pricing. Yes, I definitely am guilty of offering the mere $5 discount regardless of circumstance. Seems to be working well.


I hate to add to this horrendously long thread but dog-gone-it(!) I awoke this morning to an inquiry from an Air newbie of a couple of months who asked for a discount “since it’s for a week.” (arrggh!)

I decided not to shoot him down flat because he was very polite (it makes a difference!) and commented that he hoped it wasn’t a “rude thing to ask on this site”. He said that he noticed other hosts were giving a 5% discount for a week. I checked his Wish List of 8 places in the area and he was telling the truth. So I explained that the few times I gave a discount, it resulted in having the worst guests ever so that is no longer in the stars.

I also gave him my spiel about there being at least 100 similar VR’s in the building and I’m sure he will have no problem finding one within his budget.

Now I’ll sit back and wait and see whether he comes back with his tail between his legs…or not.


Reply to me, myself and I
: )

Ya-ay!! The guy came back and is happy to take the week at the advertised rate and apologized about the request for a discount. Also wrote a long friendly and excellent narrative of he (him?) and his wife since the info in his profile was very sparse.

…happy ending.


Let’s hope he doesn’t slam you in a review for value.


What i responded with earlier today :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Edit: the booking was for 10 guys for a 3 day weekend


That hostel is pretty good & fun FYI :blush:


It’s literally at the end of my street and yes it is SUPER fun! I go hang at the bar sometimes when I’m needing some non-Spaniard time. However, the Generator is MUCH more appropriate for a group of 10 guys that seem to be on a budget Stag Do, than my house :grin:


Yeah for sure they could rent a whole dorm room!!


Exactly my point!! Go there not my house :sob::sob::sob::sob:



Well, I don’t have to worry about being slammed in a review…the stupid feck decided to go with another rental because it was $150 less. Oh well, at least it upholds our theory about bargain hunters.

I sure don’t like the emotional highs and lows in this business.


Good riddance! This business is super tough, I have to agree…Between getting neurotic about cleaning, (and still getting marked down for that) and having the occasional horrendous guest that raises your BP for their entire stay, to those who don’t read and mark you down for what they didn’t read, to those asking for favors and discounts… UGHHHHH.

But as @azreala says… We all put up with it because we are impossibly addicted. We will all die with the needle in our arms. :laughing:


@konacoconutz This is by far the most inappropriate remark I have ever seen on this forum. Yeah, I know. You’ll lock the thread if it goes against you but I said what I wanted.


Oh please. Lighten up. For the record, threads get locked when they become clearly unconstructive or if they devolve into personal insult throwing. Most mods on most forums would never have allowed half the stuff that gets posted here to stand.

No matter what someone is going to get insulted by something.

And also for the record the mods here consult with each other first when possible before taking such action.



Hahahahaha, I love this guy’s videos!


So funny ! :laughing:
That video… :laughing:


If he’s really a teacher AND a writer and can afford to travel to LA for a few days he can surely afford to pay retail. He’s probably never published anything, other than bad reviews of ABB properties trying to get freebies and teaches yoga once a week. Dodged a bullet indeed.


I’m in stitches with the video, it’s more amusing than the Don’s ‘fake news’ rants, no offence!

My fav lines ‘I’m offended you don’t even know how you offended me’
‘Listen to what someone says then make it all about you snd get offended even though it has nothing to do with you’ he he


Best price on airbnb makes me laugh a little if they truly wanted the best price they find me through our own website or vrbo where airbnb isn’t marking them up 14-15%… I automatically lower the prices at all property 14 days before they sit empty. So it’s funny when someone asks me about my best price after I lowered a two bedroom with a hot tub and AC to $75/night. I got to just pass on them


Where does this button appear??

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