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Denying Bargain Hunters


What is with people asking me if my rate is my best price? I’m not selling used cars here…

I’ve started denying people from booking if they ask me for a lower price. I simply don’t want them here. They’re just going to use up all my free goodies and then give me a low star rating for “Value”.

Last night someone asked what my best rate is for a weekend stay during ski season. I told them my listed rate is my best rate and that weekends almost always book up. I then blocked them from booking.


I will negotiate a little on price - especially if it is just a couple and they rent my 2 bedroom unit. Usually there is less cleaning.


And that’s why people ask. Because someone might be flexible to offer a discount and if you don’t ask you don’t get.

OP don’t get offended when people ask; I don’t think people are always trying to take advantage they just want to know if there’s flexibility. I’d often found that question was followed by … well we love your place anyway so we’re going to book!


Of course I dislike giving discounts but I have a lot of competition and in the off season I do it on a case by case basis if they ask. In the off season I often get inquiries for just a couple for my 3 bedroom house. My prices are based on 6 people so with just 2 my rental related expenses are slightly less. They either give me a number or I ask them for a number. Then, if it is within reason, I will counter with lower number, half of what they are looking for or less. Example; A fellow just gave me a number that was over $200 off. I told him I was willing to ‘split the difference’ and offered him $95 off. Everyone likes to think they got a deal. He took it. When I just say no in the off season they book elsewhere.


Just say no to bargain hunters. They are not the kind of guests you want and no matter how much you take off their booking it won’t be enough.

Guests who don’t respect your price won’t respect your place.


I say, yes, sure you can have a discount - as per the details in my listing - I offer a discount for stays of a week, and for a month. That’s it. Easy :slight_smile:


Discounts? JUST. SAY. NO!


Totally agree, I also reject (politely) 'bargain ’ hunters- a recipe for trouble in my view.


We do offer the standard weekly and monthly rate (built in to ABB), and a 10% discount for active or retired military… but other than that, prefer not to discount.

Would it be wrong to say something in your listing verbiage to head off bargain hunters?


Best thing to do is tell them that you’ve already lowered the prices for the season and that you’re already offering the lowest rates in the area. That’ll give them the feeling that they’re being discounted. If they don’t like your prices, just tell them to go somewhere else.


How did you block them? Maybe you’re on another platform? Not Airbnb?


Sorry, but I don’t agree. I believe that guests think that hosts lower their prices because they have to. If the guests believe that, they will believe that we will be easy to push around because we’re desperate. When people ask for a discount, I just click decline and write, “We don’t offer discounts.”


Ellen, I’m not an advocate towards lowering prices either. If they think we’re desperate, let them think so. Even if you don’t lower your prices, there are ways to entice them and get a booking, don’t you think? Of course, if they keep insisting, then you can say bye-bye.


I’d rather not have them at that point.


Except I’m not the cheapest in the area. Not the most expensive either.


I’m booked almost all the time, so I don’t need to do anything to entice guests. If they aren’t enticed by my listing, it’s probably not right for them. Personally, when a business tries to talk me in to using their product, i believe that the product is inferior. To me, a good product speaks for itself.


Good for you:-) Of course, what I said doesn’t apply to all hosts. Different folks, different strokes.


I deny the request. I assume this blocks them from trying to book for those dates again. At least I’ve never had anyone try to rebook that I’ve denied. Not that I know of anyway.

Yes on AirBnB, click on my profile photo for listing.


Nope doesn’t block them :slight_smile:


I say to all guests that I offer substantial discounts for longer stays, and this will be automatically calculated by AirBNB. That usually gets rid of them.

I did get very frustrated by the constant “how much is this weekend?” questions, but the AirBNB system can be a little confusing

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