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Decorative cushions on beds...why, just why?


OMG! 5 decorative pillows in addition to the 4 regular pillows? The presentation says “don’t lay down here.” :upside_down_face:

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I’m trying hard not to be sexist, but … on the whole, men don’t understand cushions. The Husband always throws the sofa ones on the floor before sitting down. I have enough to open a second-hand cushion shop.

However, I am going to try to convince @Magwitch with a really practical reason … reading in bed. On our own bed we have a pair of large cushions because a pair of ordinary pillows is really not enough for comfortable reading. And if you don’t read in bed? Well, I’m sorry, but you’re just not the sort of person I wish to know …


I don’t care for throw pillows on my own bed, but they do look nice for the photos. I don’t use them in my Airbnb room, instead I have 6 pillows propped up nicely against the headboard. That way people can usually find a pillow they like and they have plenty of pillows to use to sit up in bed. I can wash the pillow cases more easily than a decorative throw pillow sham. So far this seems to be working.

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'Cause I’m a dork, and knitted a wolf face throw pillow; that’s why.


OMG that little thing is so adorable. I’d pay premium price if s/he was sitting on my bed at a rental!!


:rofl: Yes, I get the need for some sturdy pillows /additional bolster cushions for the bed. But I’m talking about the teeny little things that just decorate - they are of zero practical use apart from those mentioned by @jaquo. Yikes, I hadn’t actually thought of those sort of uses.

And just to gross everyone out - these cushions don’t get washed. Ever. They’re dry-clean only things with non-removable covers. I’m not going to put them out any more. The owner is probably selling the property after this season so refuses to spend anything on replacing items. I can see that I’m going to have to use some of my own stuff on occasions because… well, let’s just say my standards are different to hers.

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just for “giggles” or the ‘gross factor’, let’s guess how many of those decorative fabric items on the posted photos get washed at every turnover?


Ew, ew, ew, ew.

Ew, ew again.

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I’m going with zero…!!

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I have 2 very large pillows to prop you up. Great for pregnant women. To clean I throw ammonia on them and set the dryer on high for thirty minutes.


@atHomeinCary Maybe your guests enjoy the look, but I find it a bit too Spartan and lacking in “warmth”…


Ammonia? Seriously? That smells like cat pee, doesn’t it?


@atHomeinCary I hope you don’t mind if I suggest replacing the tiny art for a large piece (go to a TJMaxx, Ross or Marshall’s or even a HomeGoods and you can get something lovely for $30 on clearance). What about a headboard?


by the way, I use decorative pillows but I only buy the ones with a zipper so that I can remove and wash regularly (yes, they do get washed!!!).


Ammonia is a deodorizer. There is a flash of awful, and then it airs out. The heat kills anything.


Looks like we will have to add bed cushions our great debates about duvets and kettles.


I just threw ours away. They won’t be replaced.


We use all the pillows - even the decorative ones. They prop us up when we are watching TV in bed, along with the sleeping ones.


Interesting. Does it actually kill tomcat spray? My cat is having a turf war with a new cat in the neighbourhood…
And where do you buy it? And what do you mean by “the heat”?

Jings, how did we get from cushions to cat spray??


or a nightstand with a nice lamp.

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