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Decorative cushions on beds...why, just why?


I’ve just spent nearly 3 hours sorting through the linen cupboard at a property I manage. I’m trying to prepare for the really busy summer season ahead and sorting out the mess that the last cleaner/manager left behind. Most of the space was taken up by small cushions, almost all of them stained, that are supposed to be placed decoratively on the beds.

What is the point? They are of no use to anyone. They’re too small to be functional. They just get thrown on the floor by guests. And so they’re just a redundant item that needs attention for cleanliness.

I hate them. With a passion. Anyone want to convince me otherwise?


Nope. Hate. Apparently it’s a chick thing. I’m a chick. I don’t get bed cushions.


Because otherwise my room looks like this:


Put two bed pillows with pillowcases or shams that can be easily washed. The room could use decor on the walls, some beside lamps, etc.

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And some cushions suddenly make it look like the Ritz? Eh…nope.

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With pillows.


Unfortunately, down duvets look plain, mushy and slept in, even if they are clean and fresh. My guests are requested to put this custom decorative stuff in the closet. Most of them clic a pic and then do just that before using the bed.

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Why paint your walls a color or put wall paper up?
Why put Artwork up?
Why bother to get furnishings that look nice?

BECAUSE if you’ve got competition people ideally choose a place that is aesthically pleasing, rather than just functional.

Yes; many people over-do the throw pillows but a few accessories can differentiate a room

Me … I have all white linens, so a throw blanket and an accessory pillow atop them brighten up the room. And by putting a bench at the foot of the bed, there is a spot to place them. It’s all about thinking things out and making sure there is some thought to the process.


I use pillow shams that are washable and get changed out every guest. It just a little extra to the room but otherwise nope I think bed pillows are useless in a Bnb…if they aren’t washable they don’t go in the room.

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The way too many pillows seem to be part of the horrid Martha Steward school of cluttered and cute interior decoration. As much as some folks here and other places decry the IKEA school of decorating, I actually like the uncluttered feel of Scandinavian design. Maybe it’s because the carpenter/cabinetmaker that built this house for my grandfather was Danish, so the woodwork has that feel too.


No, we do not use them either.

You either put fully functional cushions on the bed, or you leave them out.


I’m quilty of throw pillows on the bed and sofa. However, I use the ones with zippers so that they can be washed. If still stained, I toss it in the trash. I think they make the space look more cozy and inviting.


I’m not going to try to convince you because I wholeheartedly agree.

They MUST be washed at every turnover which really means having spare covers in case you don’t have time to launder them. So in effect, you’d be adding items to your rental that a) cost you more money to provide and b) cost you time and money to remove, launder, iron, replace and arrange artfully. Who has time for that?

If they’re not washed at every turnover, that’s gross. You don’t know that people haven’t used them and drooled on them when having a nap - or, if couples have used them under the hips or similar during night-time activities.

Guests mark us on cleanliness, not cuteness.

If a host needs to brighten up a boring room there are plenty of ways of doing it without using bloody cushions on the bed.


Butterflies are an important part of our theme and the cushions add some color to the room. It’s a girl thing but this guy likes it as well.


This made me laugh bc I bought my 5 master bedroom throw pillows at IKEA. At least they make the covers cheap & washable! I also have all white duvets that need a boost of character.


Keeping in mind the OP is about a bunch of small dirty ones, not one carefully chosen one. I stayed in a lovely entire home rental where there were several cushions on the bed. I didn’t notice if they had zip off covers but I took them off the bed and piled them on the floor. Luckily there was plenty of room to do so. Iv’e stayed in upscale hotels that I have to throw them on the floor between my bed and the wall or on the closet floor. I come in and the housekeeper’s put them all back on the bed. All those extra decorative cushions annoy me.


The best little pillow is a cat.


I did just that in the train!!! A kitten though.


My wife and I discussed this during our morning coffee today.

For me: I don’t really care about decorative bed pillows, which guests must remove and store somewhere (closet or in a corner of the bedroom).

For her: The pillows make a nicer presentation, when guests see their rented bedroom for the first time.

I say: Happy wife, happy life!


I want to :heart: your post a hundred times.


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