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Constant alerts to "update listing"...Frustrating

Don’t know if anyone else has seen this but on my ABB home page I have “Update your listing” notifications next to each of my two listings. I have followed this link, sometimes changing something sometimes not, but the notifications won’t go away.
Anyone else experienced this?

What country are you in? Airbnb seems to do this for non-US listings.

I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of notification other than for pictures they wanted me to put for accessibility options. They wanted pictures and I didn’t add them so they deleted those check boxes. But no notifications remain on my dashboard.

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Interesting that they deleted yours. They sent me messages with a deadline for adding pictures of my only checked accessibility option (handheld shower head) or they would remove it, but the deadline passed and my checkbox is still there. :woman_shrugging:

Just hit the ‘x’ next to the notification and it will disappear @drl

I got an email that said they had deleted them. But I didn’t actually go check. Out of 1000 inquires and bookings I’ve only had one guest who really needed any kind of accomodation and that was minimal. Maybe I’ll update it someday.

I got that also last week I think it was.

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I got the e-mail on Jan 16, and a notification on my hosting dashboard that was there for a few days but couldn’t be dismissed. What’s funnier is that when they first sent the notification that I needed to add photos, my busy season was just starting and I didn’t think it would have a big impact , so I decided to wait until the slow season starts in June to take new photos. I removed all of my accessibility amenities/options myself in early October, so there were none to remove.

Is it me or is there a recurring theme where Airbnb says they do something but they don’t actually do anything at all. :laughing:

the other thing is that they alert us to this…but no advice when they do a major change and suddenly there are all sorts of things wrong with the listing ( Everything shared debacle).

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I’m in France. I clicked the X and they went away.
I guess I thought that if there was an Update notification that ABB was telling me that they needed updating. I don’t like buttons that are not necessary…if I wanted to update my listing I would just go to Listing, Modify. Too many convenience buttons are confusing :frowning:

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it does for US listings too. I’m seeing it too. It’s annoying.

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