Complaint about too many wine glasses and disclosed dog fee

Ahhh reviews! Just received one of those reviews. We are pet-friendly and disclose in our listing that there is a one-off $20 dog fee. The complaint was we say it is pet-friendly and that there is a $20 fee. They did question the fee prior to booking and could have chosen not to book, but they did book knowing about it. They probably couldn’t find another pet-friendly place. Somehow because they had always travelled with their dog we should not charge them.

They then complained that there were too many wine glasses and the place only slept two. They were happy about other aspects though.

Another people don’t read post!


Only reason to complain about that would be if they brought more than 2 people, no?


Or wanted to bring more than two people.


It was only the two of them. I thought having a few spare glasses would not be a problem. Champagne, red wine, white wine, water and beer all use different glasses.


They complained there was too many glasses rather than not enough. Which is why it’s so crazy.


I hope they said this publicly in their review, then future lookers/bookers will have a good laugh at them, whilst future hosts will be warned by the guests themselves!


Yes they did! I’m not replying because it is a silly complaint. Also it’s good for the dog fee comment to be there as well. It is in my listing but we know not all people read it properly.

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I meant that maybe they were upset that they couldn’t have more than 2 people since you said they complained it was only a place for two.


Sorry you had such whiny guests. We amost had a very passive aggressive guest say she might bring her dog. Then two days later she messaged us yes she’s bringing a Dog to a no pets property and then argues that are listing says it’s pet friendly (it’s not) sheesh… glad she cancelled


Ah some guests never cease to amaze us do they!? Now, too few wine glasses might be a problem, but too many? You are right, discerning wine drinkers prefer a flute for fizz, a nice rounded wine glass for white and a taller & large bowled glass for red to allow the bold flavours to emerge.

Maybe you could stick a wine glass guide inside the cupboard door for your next guests!! The only reason they would have to complain about too many is perhaps the way they are stored? Are they precariously balanced, have you built a wine glass tower that’s threatening to fall on a guest?!

As for the pet issues, you have made it clear you request a fee, and that certainly does not take away from the fact you are “pet friendly.”

It seems this guest has a bee in their bonnet! Don’t get triggered by any negative comments. Stay calm and don’t let it ruin your day! Don’t forget you have a say at this too - if you feel the review was unwarranted, you can explain the situation and provide your insight into it - in this case we think any potential guests will understand once they have read the comments!


If I read this review I would probably hope the pleasure of their company could be postponed indefinitely.


It Takes all kinds. You can’t stock the kitchen to please everyone. People will roll their eyes at the “too many wine glasses” comment

I provided general purpose wine glasses and the guest complained that she had to purchase different glasses to properly drink her wine.

Funny thing—-Saturday I was at an Arts Council outdoor concert and my wine tasted perfectly fine out of a plastic cup (no glass allowed) oh well…


They may have wanted the dog to have their own bed but obviously not prepared to pay the extra person price.


Thats why I don’t do dogs. The dog people are entitled. The dogs would be fine if they came without the people. Life has never been easier now that this is a pet-owner free zone!

About the wine glasses, people who scoff at paying $20 to travel with their dog don’t know the difference between a white wine glass and a red wine glass. As a host, you never know who your guests are going to be though so I understand you have to set the bar high.


How strange that you have that problem in your part of the world. As you may know, I board dogs in my home and I allow pets at my listing. The “dog people,” as you call them, have certainly not been entitled. Granted we are only talking about 1500 people that I’ve dealt with so far but it’s a good sample size. Out of that 1500 Airbnb and dog boarding clients I’ve had about 5 that I would consider to be a problem of entitlement.

Ah, gotta love a stereotype.

Edited to add: there is no reason to think the sense of entitlement has any direct correlation with the dog ownership. The worst clients for acting entitled are male (4 of 5) but correlation isn’t causation.


You likely still have pet-owners. They just aren’t traveling with their pets.


Nonsense, @Mexican. I’ve hosted lots of dogs with their people and they’ve been absolutely fine. If anything, I’d say that they were the opposite of entitled (whatever that is) because they were so pleased to find accommodation where they were welcome.

I’m not particularly a dog person as I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid. (Now my lovely cat, he’s another story). But I enjoyed hosting dogs. Our homeowners’ association decided that tenants could no longer bring dogs - shame because I always enjoyed hosting them.


We have had fewer problems since having the dog fee. Prior to that the dog hair on beds was awful


My sometimes complaint is that there isn’t enough wine for the glasses :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: never the inverse!




It’s home brew scotch and soda or champagne around here

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