Community Compact Survey

Did anyone else get an email invitation from Airbnb to take this survey? I’ve only been hosting a few months so I’m a little surprised I was invited.

We’d like to invite you to take our annual Community Compact Survey. This survey helps us learn more about how we affect the well-being of communities around the world, so we can work toward strengthening the neighborhoods and cities we work in.

In this survey, we’d like to ask about your experience as a host in the past year. Your answers will be used to help us partner with cities, build an open and transparent community, and promote responsible home sharing.

No. Haven’t seen it or heard of it.

Yes, I received the e-mail around 3pm Saturday. The subject is “Help us strengthen the neighborhoods and cities we work in”

I’ve been hosting a little more than 11 months, so maybe they’re looking for input from newer hosts?

I didn’t get it. They probably sent it to newer hosts because we older hosts are tired of filling out surveys that never lead to any fruitful changes. LOL.


Oh, please do post the survey when you receive it! I’m guessing it is related to the recent negative publicity (Orinda shooting/VICE article) and Airbnb’s response.

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I got it - three-year host in UK. Quite a detailed questionnaire directed at showing how good AirBnB is for the local community. Be interesting to see the results.

Yes, I received it and took the survey. I’ve been hosting for two years. Based on their questions, I think they want to prove that Airbnb short term rentals are good for the community. They asked if as a host I recommend local restaurants and businesses. Also if I used income to make renovations to the property and donate to charities. It’s probably a public relations thing.


I’m sure that you’re right. Survey results are often deceptive. They’ll come up with something like ‘72% of hosts do xxxxx’ but they have only spoken to a sample, plus was everyone who responded answering 100% truthfully?

They don’t need surveys. It’s just PR.


Air is likely targeting hosts in locations with known community friction.


Excellent point. I totally forgot there was a homicide at a nearby Airbnb in June. Coincidentally, it was another case of the guest renting the place and throwing a party, but I never found out if it was advertised on social media or anything like that. I tried to keep up with the talk about it on facebook and nextdoor, but not really much was said, other than that there were relatives of the victim that lived in the neighborhood, and the victim actually turned out to be the attacker and was killed in self-defense.

I’m not sure, as far as I know there have never been any problems with Airbnb here. I do agree that it is in response to the recent bad publicity they have received.