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Cancelled our "Plus" status


I was not charged and the photos are very nice.


Good for you but if I paid $150 and others didn’t I’d be so mad. Glad to know that they are approving people doing the private room thing and only hosting a few people per year. It’s hard to imagine my room ever qualifying but never say never. Hopefully it will help you get those badly needed bookings.


I just received this

We took a look at the current listing photos for :heart:Your OWN PRIVATE POOL and CASITA! and are really impressed! Airbnb Plus recognizes homes known for quality, comfort, and style. It’s designed to help your listing(s) stand out and earn even more. The first step is to schedule an in-person home visit.

Schedule yours by November 24 and we’ll waive the $149 application fee.

Looks like hosts are turning this down, so they are no longer charging

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