Can you require vaccination

Can you require your guests to show proof of vaccination? What about offering a discount for those that are vaccinated?

How would you know what they presented as proof was real?
Are you able to discriminate against someone who is not vaccinated?
What happens if they are part of that small group who cannot be vaccinated?


Exactly. I don’t know what other countries are doing, but I received only a small “COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card” with CDC logo and it’s printed on standard cardstock with hand-written date, vaccine manufacturer and lot number, and the location. It would be trivial to create a fake card. On top of that, there is no mechanism for an individual to verify the authenticity of the information.


I have the same thing, I put it with my passport:)


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Mine is a Veteran’s Affairs logoed card

With Airbnb I suspect this would be looked upon as discriminatory, and thus against the T&C’s.

With most other platforms, no you cannot.

Obviously, if you wanted to enforce it at your property it’s entirely up to you, but the repercussions from refusing to check in a guest because they couldn’t prove, your satisfaction, that they were vaccinated would likely be harsh.


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Yea,just wondering…I just think the cleaning is just a lot to do, normally takes me 3 hrs for a 500 sq ft room, will probably take me 6 hrs now. I’m not so sure I want to even do Airbnb again with this new highly contagious variant from Brazil. maybe do a long term tenant but here in California that is risky too as California property owners have no property rights.Due to the virus you cannot evict!People have been squatting for free for over a year and who knows how long it will last?I own rental houses in Ca.,I have been lucky to,collect all of my rent but as soon as this virus is over I’m selling and exchanging it for self storage where you have more control over your property.

Are you sure? Might be worth reassessing what needs done now, compared to what you did previously. You may find that in reality, the time difference won’t be as much as you think.


I’m freaked out about the virus. I’ve had a friend die a yr ago from it, he left 6 kids behind. Many of my friends have gotten the virus, some not so sick, some VERY sick!Ive dodged the bullet because when I go out it’s only for a few minutes and I go when the store first opens w few people.I wear gloves, glasses and a mask. I avoid groups.if I see a store is busy, I go home. I avoid stores like Walmart and Costco. I read that the Seattle Costco had 127 employees test positive for the virus. Parties are a BIG no no. I had one friend attend a Christmas party. He told me everyone at the party got the virus!He was sick for 3 weeks, his wife was hospitalized. I had another friend who attended a friends birthday party OUTSIDE and they socially distanced. Everyone got the virus!


As are many folks and it’s totally understandable. You need to do what makes you feel safe, from the perspective of Covid but also from your own personal wellbeing.

We reopened in June last year and have had guests pretty much since then, apart from when our rate was extremely high and we had a cordon round our city, which was rigidly enforced.

I think we host safely, as in we take what precautions we can to protect both us and our guests. So far, so good :crossed_fingers:

If you can’t come up with a cleaning/check in process that makes you feel safe, without masses of additional work on your part, then maybe you should stay snoozed for a bit longer. Is it worth the stress and worry?

Maybe you’ll feel different once you’ve been vaccinated…


There is still talk of a Covid-19 passport to allow vaccinated to attend high concentration events (plays, sports events, concerts, Air travel)

As others have said the vaccination record card is easily faked.

Housing discrimination areas are: race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, age (over 50), and disability. Vaccination status is not one.

A host could probably require proof of vaccination for a shared home because the host is at increased risk. If I did shared home, I think I would require proof of vaccination.

Yes the vaccination proof may be forged but at least the host tried to add a layer of self protection. However anyone who forges the card has a deeper entitlement issue—can’t fix that.

Anyone not able to get the vaccine could get a physician note. Actually they shouldn’t be traveling much and risking exposure.

Airbnb have a tendency to ignore national laws and they will create their own policy, irrespective of where you reside. The great global one size fits all policy, as we’ve seen with the ECP.

Vaccination status is essentially a medical record (of treatment), and requiring a guest to disclose that before hosting them brings up some serious privacy issues.

To be honest, it’s only in the past few days that I’ve been thinking about it, prompted by various debates in the UK relating to “vaccination passports”, which some organisations have stated that they will require sight of before allowing you access to their services within the next few weeks.

I’m not anti vaccination, I can’t wait to get mine and most folks I know are the same. However, given the delays in many regions regarding supplies of vaccines, I’m a bit concerned that we might be creating a two tier society, those that have it versus those that don’t, a little bit early.


Different views — a vaccine is not a treatment, it is a prevention. It in no way indicates a medical condition.

Vaccine status is not protected. For example when I returned to college, I had to show proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccination.

A medical provider can’t disclose confidential medical information about someone. But a person can disclose anything they want about themself.


Mine is a copy machine copy and isn’t centered top to bottom or left to right; therefore some of the title of it is missing.

I just asked friend, head of school in UK university if its the same there. Short answer is that they cannot ask for proof of vaccinations.

Yes, they recommend having all of the above, but cannot exclude a student if a) they don’t have them, and b) if the student declines to confirm either way.

Different viewpoints, different countries and different cultures methinks.


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They can ask for it here in California for schools.And there are no exemptions except medical and if a dr gives more than 3 medical exemptions,he risks his license.

That’s interesting, can you post a source to that?


I got my 2 shots but lost the vac card…don’t figure I’ll ever need it…
As far as a SVR, I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere they required proof of vaccination…it would be a sign to me they’re too paranoid and could lead to other issues. Just my .02

Family status is also protected. Fair housing laws don’t allow you to discriminate against applicants with children or who are pregnant. The exceptions are owner occupied properties or housing that is limited to seniors.


I don’t care it’s my house my rules and I live there so it’s owner occupied. It’s two people only no exceptions a kid is a person that’s a third person. Believe me I tried a couple times to host kids and it was a disaster the Walker was banging into walls I had to repaint, really not worth it there’s plenty of other places that will accommodate kids. Property is not safe for kids I have cactus everywhere and the room is too small for a crib.

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