Can you ban unvaccinated guests

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I’m re-opening my Airbnb this fall. Trying to get my COVID protocols in place, changing out stuff to make it easier to clean, stocking up on inventory, add Airbnb Proper Insurance (Went up to $3000 a year), etc.

Does anyone know for sure if you can only allow folks that are vaccinated or will airbnb will claim discrimination or whatever their beef-du-joire is for the month?

I’m not asking for folks opinions on if or if not its warranted. I am asking if we have a definitive answer from Airbnb about restricting non-vacinated guests (and yes it would be the honor system.)

Welcome back! There was recently another thread on this topic, and the OP did talk to someone and got an answer.

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Here are links to recent threads on this topic:

You’ve been around long enough to know that Airbnb can be capricious regardless of the policy or incident. This may be their thorniest issue yet.


Yes, I’ve already tried to get an answer. I feel like I’m speaking a different language. :wink:

I believe it is illegal to inquire about someone’s medical conditions?


“ Stephen Sullivan, an attorney that specializes in healthcare law states, “Accordingly, HIPAA nor any other law prevents a premises owner from asking reasonable questions about a customer’s health condition in order to keep his staff and others safe. ”


i guess another issue is do you live in the property or not. we dont with our properties. so i guess its not an issue.

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Vaccination status is not a medical condition. It does not indicate you have health issue.

A medical condition would be something like diabetes, crones disease, epilepsy diagnosis…you get the idea.


Good point. I share a common front entrance and hall but their space is on the 2nd floor and I’m on the first. We each have doors to our space.

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No, it’s illegal for medical providers to give a patient’s medical info to others unless the patient approves. Unfortunately, many people think it applies to everyone, or means that it’s illegal for anyone to ask, and anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers misuse that misunderstanding, so it’s now an urban myth.