Can a "bad guest" request to book again?

I would call and ask the Airbnb customer service hot-line, but it’s gone “cold!” I’m sure this experienced and educated group of hosts knows the answer to this question. If in the review process you identify a guest as one you would NOT host again, is there anything in the Airbnb APP/System that disallows that, or can they still send a request to book? I think I found out the hard way, but just wondering.

I believe it only prevents the guest from IB. If the user profile otherwise meets your IB requirements (if you use IB), that’s your clue. Can’t you figure it out from their reviews? Presumably you left them a bad one to thumbs-down future hosting.

I’m pretty sure that if you say you would not host the guest again, it prevents the guest from instant-booking with you. Airbnb doesn’t make it clear exactly how it affects whether the guest can book with other hosts, but I presume at least if a guest doesn’t have any “Yes” answers that they won’t be able to instant-book with hosts that require “recommendations from other hosts” in their instant-book settings.

Really? That’s odd. I thought that I had read at some point that if we had hosted a guest previously then hit “would not host again” that they are actually blocked from trying to book again.

How strange that they might be allowed to “send booking request” …

No that’s not true @Jefferson if you don’t want them to book with you again, you need to block them, unless you use IB and gave them 3 stars or less (not sure on whether 3 stars or under 3 stars). @Hampton

Yes, we are IB. My understanding is the stars actually don’t matter when it comes to a guest trying to rebook - or has any direct impact that prevents them from IB with any host. It seems that it all comes down to the last question “Would you Host X Again”. If “No” then they can’t IB with some hosts, depending on settings.

Pretty lame that I actually need to block a guest to prevent a future inquiry.

Sorry this is not correct @Jefferson the ratings you give a guest definitely matter in terms of them not being able to IB.

If I remember correctly, @KKC had an example of this in that she gave a guest a thumbs down plus a bad review and yet the guest was still able to book with other hosts. (KKC please correct me if my memory is playing tricks on me).

I have always used IB so can’t answer the OP’s question as such but assuming that he blocked the bad guest then they wouldn’t be able to send a request to book.

I think you are referring to this Airbnb guest: This doesn’t look like a guest profile link but it is when I click it. Let me know if it’s not.

She didn’t stay with me because I canceled her reservation as soon as I saw her reviews and (at the time) 4.5 star rating. I would check her profile from time to time and I see she continued to stay with host after host. She booked with me at about 16 reviews. Some hosts even hosted her twice. I don’t know why hosts are so inattentive. I’m sure many of them are the same ones who blame Airbnb for allowing her to remain on the platform but are unwilling to make the effort to protect themselves using the tools Airbnb offers. I did “report” her so I could block her. So I know she can’t book with me again.

One more thing about this guest. It says she lives in Newton, MA. Her profile pic is taken in El Paso, that’s our distinctive “red Thunderbird” on the west side of our mountains in the background. Best I can tell she hasn’t been in Newton in 3 years. So when people think they can tell where a guest is from because it has a town listed on their profile, or are upset because no town is listed, I just have to laugh. At least a quarter of my guests are not living in the city listed on their profile. We Americans are a very mobile society.

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Yes, I did. I do not IB.

How/where do you go to block a guest?

We had a guest stay with us that didn’t follow house rules. One in particular that put us in a difficult spot with another guest checking in in less than three hours. I left appropriate review with warnings to future hosts, gave him a “thumbs down” and thought that would be the end of it. Then a week later, he requests to book again and, this is the tricky part, he has not left us a review yet. (we’re still within the 14 day period) so he has no idea what kind of review we left. Now we are in a precarious spot. We have and “open” booking request that we are put in a position of having to decline, which of course will be counted against us at Superhost review.

I would message him and ask him to withdraw his request. Make an excuse related to CV19 if you must.

You can have a decline and still get SH. But honestly, and I mean this as nicely as possible. SH is the least of your worries. Besides, Airbnb will probably suspend the rules for it anyway as people aren’t going to be able to have the minimum number of bookings among other things.

Soon you’ll probably be shut down completely by law.


To my knowledge this is no longer available to us and hasn’t been for a long, long time. Somehow the word hasn’t gotten around and Airbnb hasn’t changed their website to indicate it’s not available either.

Thanks for clarifying!

Thanks - all good advice!

The supposed location is based on the area code of the phone number on the Air account.

Why do some US guests have area codes but no towns on their profile then?

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Definitely not true. I can go in right now and change my location if I want to - or delete it completley if I want to. My location has never matched my area code… I move around too much.

I think people just forget to update their location when they move. I recently had a guest whose profile said “Omaha, NE” but she, in great detail, described being from my neighborhood and had a local area code.


Because you can change location to (almost) anything you want :slight_smile:

I’m feeling a little adventurous, so I just moved to:


But, it was a little too exotic for me, so:


But the best part is that there are, apparently, some limits. When I put in Hotel California for my location, it gave me this:

Whatever, I prefer Laurel Canyon but Santa Barbara will do.

Then, when I put in “Earth’s Inner Core”, it gave me a blank location. Lol:

Inner Core

I can’t wait to find out where I end up with “Soft Detroit” or “NeverNeverland” :laughing: