Book guests with a 3-star review?

Hi! New owner here. I have read the other threads about guests with low reviews and would still love some advice. I have our home rented for the next 6 weeks and so far so good. The first guests are great. Some future guests have reviews and others do not. I just received a request today for a guest with one, 3-star rating. I am not able to access the written portion of the review. The punctuation was also bad in the message he wrote to me (not a big deal but ??). Our home is brand new construction and a higher price point, sleeps 13. We do not want parties and have said such. We live about 20 minutes away and we do have a video doorbell. Thoughts? My gut tells me to decline someone with 3 stars and under. We know the place will endure wear and tear but it’s new and I don’t want to regret a bad guest right out of the gate. Thanks!!!

No way I would host someone with 3 stars. A better guest will come along.


Honestly? If it were me I’d avoid.

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Why are you unable to access the written review?

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thank you, i think I agree!

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thanks, that is helpful!

I remember reading that this can happen if the guest did not book the reservation but was added to another guest’s reservation, but I don’t know if that’s correct.

I suppose it’s possible that Airbnb censored the review because it violated the review guidelines.

Of course, the most likely reason is that it’s just another bug in Airbnb’s platform.

I’m listed with VRBO Homeaway only and they will not share with me. I called customer service and that is what I was told. :confused:

I’m confused, but I’ll assume that VRBO only has guest ratings, but not guest reviews.

I just heard back from him and he said they are exemplary guests, are clean with early bedtimes. He said they had another rental and then were told it was “double booked” which makes me think someone else cancelled on them. They said they are a single family, total of 10 people. The message with well-put together and he sounded genuine but I’m really worried about the other red (yellow?) flags. Still a no?

Yes, that is correct, which really isn’t helpful. It just raises concerns and we have no way of knowing if it’s major or just a nit-picky owner.

No, they have both guest and host reviews.

Why not ask him to clarify. You could say something like that you want to understand the situation he found himself in, want to give him the benefit of the doubt etc, but really need to understand, as this is a new property and they will be the first guests to stay. Be pleasantly polite, but firm. You are the Boss!


I didn’t realize this wasn’t an Airbnb booking. So I don’t know if I would host him or not.

Yes, sorry I should have clarified. I joined Air Hosts assuming it’s OK to be VRBO too. :wink:

On VRBO the host only gets to rate (stars) the guest. There is no written “review” for guests. The guest gests to both rate and review the host/property.

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I think everyone would agree. However, the potential issue for you is that hosts not familiar with VRBO don’t know the VRBO review/rating system well enough to advise you. In theory, a 3-star review could mean the guests were average, which should be fine, but that’s not the expectation from Airbnb’s review system. I think this is what @KKC meant.

I wouldn’t host a 3-star guest on any platform. I feel confident that the host who gave the rating understands it means “not very good” in our language. YMMV.


Yes, it’s fine to post here. I’m only on Airbnb so I avoid commenting about VRBO from a host perspective. I have used it as a guest though.

Yes, he tried to explain himself but didn’t address a specific issue. I agree, I am very generous with ratings and if I gave a 3-star, they would be considered below average. Something obviously happened with his last stay.

Ye, this is a great suggestion! Maybe I ask a few more questions before declining; although, he really could SAY anything to get in the door.