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Black light gives big fright

Continuing the discussion from Overwhelmed! What is the best way to…?:
So it appears that not everyone is familiar with black light magic. Black light (long wave UV light) can be used to detect urine, blood, semen, those fingernail clippings that @EllenN missed and much more. Not everything that glows is icky but it doesn’t hurt to clean it anyway.

I wanted to take a picture of what is shown with a black light from my own listing. I couldn’t find anything on any of the linens or carpet. Finally…in the bathroom! The first image is what the bathroom wall next to the toilet looks like in normal light.

The next image is of the wall illuminated with the black light flashlight I have. See those bright glowing white specks? I don’t know what those are but given the spray pattern location I’m guess that it is the result of male urination spray.

The last image is of the wall after cleaning. The toilet brush holder and toilet didn’t have this spray because they get wiped down after each guest. Even the baseboards get wiped down every so often (not each time, just to keep the dust off). The wall however, hasn’t been washed since right after the remodeling was finished.

Don’t judge. I’ve got to go finish washing the bathroom walls. BRB.

OMG!! I am going over right now to test this out in my guest house. I am very nervous!

New house rule: Guests are not allowed to bring black lights into home.


LOL. Remember, not everything you see is gross. The over spray from texturing walls or ceilings also glows like this.

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Well I did indeed use it and have to say that I found a LOT of toilet “spray” on the radiator beside the toilet. I never thought it could reach that far but I am so glad I found it! haha. Disgusting!


Think that would make people worried. :smile:

Ha, very true! Best not to mention it, but I am also not getting one of those things!

Fact of life, humans are gross. Being an AirBnB host has only proven this to me.


I’ve seen them on TV shows - those that are exposing hotels and restaurants. I remember one (it’s on YouTube) where there were bodily fluid stains on the bathroom ceiling - the mind boggles!

Will this arrive in time for the newlyweds coming next week? I don’t even want to know!


I have found semen stains in the most usual places like my freaking LAMPSHADES. Yes I have a black light device and it just makes my OCD even worse. And yes some sharp shooter got my wall across the bed. Ugh!! I do go nuts on those days that I have break in-between and just allow the OCD beast in me to go wild. I ditched the comforters soon after seeing the damage.


H Lordy. Some things should just remain hidden!


OMG. I don’t even want to see the hidden stuff. I’m assuming that although it lights up it won’t tell you what the stain is. Wish I hadn’t just read this. Was about to go and start doing the dinner and now don’t feel like it. Lol


I am so buying that!!! Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!


UV light quality explained

I will definitely be getting one of those–thanks! Also, for only another $6, it looks like these yellow eye protection glasses improve the contrast so that you can more easily see what may have looked like only a minor stain:

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