Best beach towels?

Can someone help me who runs a beach rental? I bought some beach towels on Amazon and they were crap! The lint comes right off on your clothes and fabric is pulled and this was after two washes.

I don’t know much about beach towels. I mean, we have tons of beach here in El Paso TX but no ocean. What I do know is that Costco has beach towels for under $10 each and a money back guarantee on everything they sell. That means they are my “go-to” for everything possible.


I am going to Costco while I am there so I will look. Thank you.

I was just in my Costco this week and they did have some in stock. Of course its a seasonal item but here in West Texas the summer seasonal stuff is already appearing.

If they don’t have them in store, they have them online.

Sorry, can’t tell you how good they are. Honestly, though, I would expect them to get destroyed, lost, or accidentally packed by guests and going cheap might still be a better strategy.

I think the in-store ones are about $8 and less if you buy them when they have reduced prices at the end of season. The prices online aren’t the same. I got a dog bed in the store for $50. Exact same one is $75 online with “free shipping.”

I have these and like them:

Luxury Hotel Towel Turkish Cotton Extra Large Pool-Beach Towel Set (Set of 4, Variety Pack)


I don’t care if they’re cheap just as long as they don’t get lint on my guests.

Thanks for the tips.

Those are 65" . My feet or my head will get sandy. I am 67 3/4". Otherwise they are quite classy:) I like cotton sarongs and always take a couple when beachin it.

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I just bought these. Thank you!

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We use ours for our hot tub so I didn’t pay attention to the size, so thank you for adding that information :blush:

I got mine at Target years ago. They’ve been great as they actually dry in the tropics yet are fluffy. I’ve received compliments on them and will be hard pressed to replace them when they wear out.

We have got our str towels at Kohls.

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For guests I wouldn’t lose my sleep over providing quality beach towels because they’ll be abused. think suntan lotion, spilled drinks and food etc…

For myself however the best beach towels I got at TJ MAxx, very, very thick, cotton 100% made in Turkey. I wouldn’t put those for guests in a million years.

We got ours years ago (four or five years?) from Amazon but I don’t remember the make. Medium-priced if I remember rightly - not terribly expensive but not cheapos either.

But they are exclusively for the beach - if we had a pool then they might not have lasted as long due to pool chemicals.

I can! -> I have 6 of the ‘resort towels’. Two are pictured below. They’ve held up quite well. Pool rather than beach use. I’d recommend them.

FYI: Costco Warehouse’s usually have them on sale in May time frame; about $9 for a LARGE towel. Many different colors styles.

Thank you! I bought some on Amazon but I am also going to Costco when I get there. If they have some I will buy them so I can have extras.

I was at Costco today and the Resort towels were $10.99. The Loft towels were $9.99. Here are some of the resort ones

There is no BEST. There is only what you find which works for your situation. We buy beach towels from local shops which sell beachy things.

I get all of my textiles from these guys. Always good stuff, lots of selection and great customer service. You do need to buy in bulk to get the very best price but it looks like they do 12-packs of beach towels and it seems like you’d want to have at least that many anyway.

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