Bedding configuration advice please?

Hi there - will have our first listing to get ready soon and would really appreciate some advice on bedding configurations please? Will be a compact two bed unit in really central location of coastal town. Originally thinking a queen in one and double in other, but now wondering if we should aim for two singles in larger one that can then also form a king, and a tight queen in other (40cm spare on each side of queen). Lots of families stay here during school holidays so thought the child friendly option of splitting bed would open up our market more, and I don’t really see anybody wanting to sleep on a double these days? Especially if two couples stay? We also have Ironman and other major sporting events in town regularly that I thought the singles option might suit at times. Plus it might give us an edge of being able to offer a choice? More linen etc I know, but ok with that if it means increased occupancy. Both rooms have good sunlight. Also, how much storage space do guests prefer? Would this be an issue for them? Intention is to make luxe with linen etc to compensate for compactness and simple hanging space and shelf. I’d really appreciate your thoughts and advice please? Thanks so much. N

Welcome Nyomie! I’m not sure what a standard stay in your area looks like. You mention lots of families. IMO 40cm is too small for room around a queen bed. I stayed in flat recently w/ exactly that much space between the two beds and it was very uncomfortable.

A bunk bed w/ twin over a full is a popular configuration in mountain homes in my area. They you can push it against the wall, giving you more floor space and sleeping for 3. Though, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for making up the top bunk! This one has a trundle - adding a 4th sleeping area. You’ll need to check for sizing.
If you had two extra long twins that you could make into a king, that may be a good option for the main bedroom. But if you’re going to advertise like that make sure you have a good topper that combines both mattresses seamlessly and the ability to move the beds and secure them together. You don’t want it separating in the middle of the night - or in the middle of some romantic action :slight_smile: . Don’t add two standard twins and call it a king.

As to storage space, I would recommend a night stand that doubles as a small dresser:


If you have a rack on the wall with several hangers, then that should suffice. My home is in a casual area and people rarely use hangers. Most people leave their bags on my luggage racks and never unpack.

Good luck!

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@Nyomie, I agree that space around the bed is important. To start with, we had just enough space on one side of a queen-sized bed for a small adult to squeeze through. Two or three guests complained about that (just to us, thankfully, and not in the review). We reconfigured our rooms to have enough space on both sides of the bed for adults to maneuver.

As to beds, I think the two singles that can form a king is ideal in one room, especially if the singles can they be secured together so they use king bedding and seem like an actual king. Having a king is a real advantage. But having the two singles could be advantageous for your market, too.

For the other, a double sounds better, as a queen is too tight.

We have a queen in one room and a double in the other. Both of our rooms get rented, and lots of couples have used the double. I wish we had the option of a king, but our rooms aren’t big enough.

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40cm is about 15 inches. That seems restrictive for anyone except children. I would put the two singles against the walls with 80cm and a single nightstand between them.


Thank you so much for replying people - how I love these helpful communities! All great tips and advice that I value and it seems the consensus is the queen might just be too big so will opt for double and king that can be split or attached properly and purchase a good memory foam topper to avoid that nasty line down the middle. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I like that combination that @KarenWV posted. That looks ideal. I wouldn’t be worried about making the bed for the top bunk. Using a fitted sheet and a duvet would make it easy.