Bed Configuration

Hi Everyone

I’m after your recommendation on bed configurations for a 4 bedroom home.

3 x Queenside beds plus 2 single beds


2 Queensize and 4 single beds ( 2 bed in each bedroom)

Thank you for your thoughts

Depends on location and target market.


How many bathrooms do you have?

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What is your max number of guests?
How many bathrooms?
How crowded are the bedrooms with two singles vs. one queen?

FYI, I have 3 queen size beds plus 2 twin size beds in my 4-bedroom listing. I have a queen sofa bed available in the living room as well. I think most of my groups would actually prefer 4x queen size beds in the bedrooms but having the 2 twins satisfies more groups’ needs at the expense of preference for others.

Can you fit a king in any of the rooms? Some people sharing a bed seek out this size.


I agree, are you in the United States? Kings are popular here.

I have a three bedroom with one king, one queen, and two twins. Six guests maximum. This setup works great for a wide variety of groups - single or multiple adults, parents with kids, friends staying together. I’d make my queen a king if the bedroom were larger.

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I offer a King sized bed in my 1 br listing and most of the folks booking with me say that was a big factor.

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I am with the king bed faction. I started out with 2 queens and a king in my upstairs rooms and have now switched to 3 kings. They fit nicely and guests prefer the larger bed. If that is an option space and price wise consider one king bed perhaps.

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Thank you, I havnt been hosting for a while and i just bought a house and will start again, don’t fade Tyre key fur the new place yet.

I’m in beautiful Port Stephens in Australia, depending on time of the years it will be families

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks all :slight_smile: sorry I need to get some practice using this forum.

Max 8 people, once I get the keys will know for sure how large are the rooms

I would say three queens just because it would be less work changing the beds and washing sheets. Plus the room will look nicer with a queen.

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King beds if you can. My guests love my bed and often comment on it in the reviews.

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2 queen-size and 4 single more flexible.

We get the same for one of our apartments. Simply because we went for a European size King, i.e. 152cm x 190cm, as opposed to the Spanish double found in so many Airbnb’s here which is about 20cm narrower. Plus it’s a good quality IKEA mattress and we provide separate pillows unlike the Spanish style of having one full width (UK term bolster) pillow, which I hate!