Bad guest review/claim verbiage help needed

Guest was booked for 2 nights and leaves at 11am today.

Need help with wording a bad review.

  1. Guest booked for 1, max occupancy is 6, charges after 5 of $35, 12 people spent the night. House rules state No unregistered guests or visitors
  2. Asphalt has empty brass shells where several shot targets with a semiautomatic rifle. Nothing in my rules to prohibit the rifle and in my area shooting guns is legal however the backstop for the bullets would be a short stand of trees on my neighbors property.
  3. Even though I have a 300 yard long paved driveway with parking spaces for 4 cars at least not to mention the paved driveway itself, a large 4 door truck was parked in my front yard to serve as a boom box for those in my front yard and porch.
  4. Even though the crowd was male and female at least 4 of the men choose to urinate in the yard, in my flower beds, and off my deck. I’m sure based on footage I reviewed from my security cameras the deck will need to be cleaned. Nothing in my house rules about guest must use the modern indoor facilities vs outside.
  5. I have a rule about quite time bring from 10pm-9am. I can see on footage dancing outside till at least 2 but I can’t hear if it was loud. But the truck/boom box had its doors open and the dancing was very near the trucks open door. I also have a no party rule in my house rules.
  6. My electronics locks text me when they are locked and unlocked. All the guests left the property twice for 5+ hours and did not lock the house. I have a house rule about security and locking the doors and windows every time you leave the house.

Finally I disclose the property has security cameras in my house rules they are visable in my photos if you look.

I’m afraid of what I will find inside and figure the yard is littered with cans and bottles also.

I’ve notified air but haven’t contacted the guest yet. I want them to leave without retaliating against my house over and above what they’ve already done.

Also, any tips on how to word and protect my case in the resolution center? I already figuring 7 guest above my max = 7x$35: $245 x 2:$490 for the extra guest. No to mention cleanup and whatever repairs are necessary.

Is air going to back me? They flagged the guest based on my call and seemed concerned re the gun but suggested I wait till they leave to open the claim. They told me they would delete any negative reviews.

For the life of me I can’t imagine what is going through these 30 something year olds heads…acting the fool right in front of my cameras with their shenanigans being captured for eternity.

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I’d be tempted to at least pull up right at checkout on the dot. That way they will see that you see them all. Or have some of them already left? I don’t see anything wrong with sending the request for extra money now. You could even mention that you chose to not call the police and allowed them stay since they had been drinking, and in light of that you need them to pay for the extra guests right away. You may even want to call on the phone and catch them off guard. As long as your are polite, I don’t think they will do anything vengeful.

Make sure you get any claims in before next guest check in. Or at least call Air if you find a lot of damages to be sure you have done what is necessary to begin the process.

Then think about the review after you are done cleaning.


Yes, the review would be the last thing on my mind right now. However, all you need to say is something like ‘terrible guests who broke many house rules and caused damage. Do not host’. No need to go into details.

Go into the property on the dot of check out time and remember to take plenty of photographs.


I agree with jaquo. Details are not necessary (unless requested by other party or AirBnb), but photograph everything before you clean. I’m sorry you have to go through this!


Good thing you have those security cameras!

Awful, awful “*guests”.


They left before I could get there. Assessing the homes condition now. They did bring in air mattresses. My footage show one being taken out of the house by a male and one of the females sat another one on my deck rail about 7 feet from my security camera so I have a nice shot of that.

UGH!!! 12-13 folks in 1 home that sleeps 6. If I were dating someone who was that cheap this would have been our last date!


Once again, we disagree on this no-detail review. Please give hosts the gory details. We need to know. Would any of us have read the OP post if she simply wrote: “help with bad guest review needed.” No, we all read it because she went into intense detail!

But I do agree, OP, don’t worry about the review at the moment. The idiots may be removed anyway!!!

Terrible terrible guests. Wow.


Sorry, but I disagree. Even on this board posters disagree about reasonable house rules and damage. Much of what people get upset about on this board wouldn’t bother me. These guests were horrible by any measure and people need the details to understand that. I hope, however, that Airbnb revokes the guests’ accounts as no host should have to deal with them.


Hi @HiddenHaven

I am so sorry this happened to you, but why when you have security camera footage, did you let so many people come onto your property, which far exceeded the number of guests you allow, party contrary to your rules, behave in a disgusting manner by urinating outside and break your quiet time after 10 rule and not lock the house etc?.

I can’t imagine what was going through your head letting them stay when they behaved so appallingly. Why didn’t you ask Airbnb to cancel the booking when you saw the guest breaking your house rules and disrespecting your home?

From what you say - it sounds like you don’t check your guests in personally, either yourself or through a local manager, so going forward I would change this.

There is no reason for Airbnb not to back you on this. Make sure you make the claim in line with their guarantee, submit video footage and photography.


horrific POS… UGH, how dare they!!!

Obviously you can submit extra charges through the Resolution Center, if the guest agrees all is good.

Was the registered guest new to AirBnB? Can’t figure out why they were so blatant about so many guest, even to the point of signing the guest book.

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Honestly, in your situation, I would have called the police. How awful.


Nope he had a good review, looked good on LinkedIn and Facebook. He’s been a member since 7/2016.

What will air do if he doesn’t agree? I would say a pictures worth a 1000 words but I have quite a few videos showing the dozen folks entering, dancing, peeing, arriving and leaving.

Is there any magic words I should say or words to avoid?

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If the house needs extensive cleaning, you should call a service- because then Airbnb will reimburse you. Thank goodness for the security camera! Maybe also, if you are able, meet the people at the house? I guess they can always call their friends once that intro is done… You should call host services to better understand how to navigate this situation. Get receipts, hire professionals (because Air doesn’t let you bill for your time, which is stupid.)

In the event a claim is made by you against the guest, they are unable to review you. But you still get to review them! I’d be blunt and to the point.

Guest did not follow house rules, had more guests than in the reservation. This was not a good fit. Would not recommend to other hosts.

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Are your cameras in obvious view? Any idea if they even read it in your listing?

I had a group recently do this but was able to break up their gathering the first evening. They were well aware I had cameras. They were well aware of my strict limit on guests. Since my section regarding “cameras” describes where they face (so guests know they do have privacy in certain areas) - they thought they were going to be slick and quietly pile people in, while avoiding all areas that were in view.

This group wasn’t there to party. It was supposed to be just close family and friends, and the sports agent watching the NFL draft to see if my guest was going to be picked. But still…even though they were just sitting arournd the tv eating, they tried to brings over tons and tons of people. What they didn’t realize is that the front camera view extends past the immediate parking lot. They thought I could only see the 5 cars in that area. First I drove by to confirm for myself and saw there were cars parked all along the driveway (that weren’t on camera). Then I called and the guy blatanly lied to my face saying there were only 5 cars. So once in a while you will get people for some reason or another who think they won’t get caught.


So what you are submitting to Resolution is the extra guest claims? Separate that from the bad behavior issue.

If I were you, I would have submitted this extra guest charge the minute I saw all the unregistered people, I would not have waited until check out. But now that you have…

I would take it to Resolution, and simply state "guests invited xx number of additional guests on the property without authorization. Our extra guest charge is XX. Then upload the photos of the additional people.

If you do have cleanup and repairs you need actual receipts and photos. All the documentation you can get. The more the better. But do it quickly, you don’t have much time.

The bad behavior is a separate issue which you will address in the review.

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Are you sure!!! …

Yup, they did recently with my nightmare guest. They blocked him from reviewing to prevent retaliation for opening a claim.

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