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Anyone else going through the Airbnb Plus process?


I understand your concern of not having the right picture for the initial photo BUT I glanced through the Seattle PLUS listings and I will say that your listing does stand out from the rest. … A lush garden is in stark contrast to countless sofas and well made beds most of the other Seattle PLUS listings present. If someone is captivated by the greenery, they definitely will click to see the rest. Congrats on a beautiful listing and patience until we all can tweak things to our liking.

FYI: You were 12th of 118 PLUS listings.


Thank you - my wife is the master gardener and the gardens are indeed beautiful. And the entrance to the apartment is pretty neat too and we had a gorgeous photo that the photographer couldn’t reproduce because he came at the wrong time of day to make that outside shot. First world problem, I know…

We haven’t gotten a booking since the plus designation (granted we don’t have a lot of openings in November and December), even though we appear high in search, so I am a little concerned :slight_smile:


Did they suggest what you should price your listing at or did you decide on the 10-15% yourself? They asked us to register one of our listings and they would waive the application fee so going through the process now.


Did you look at the checklist they provide and make sure you had everything? We’re going through the process now and I’m wondering how strict they are on having 100% of the items on their list?


They seemed very strict. The inspector has a checklist app on his iPhone and went around to validate each item was there. Somehow he didn’t document Tea … After he had submitted all the photos and checklist, I received notification from Plus Team that I needed to send them a photo to document that tea bags were there.


Nobody offered to waive the fee for us, I have to say. I’ll have to bring that up… :slight_smile:

The process is strict, sure, but not that hard to meet, really. They had silly feedback, like “the artificial flowers look out of place, please replace”. Pretty hilarious because ours is a “garden retreat” after all, and the flowers were actually cut flowers… We had to send them a better photo and explain. The number of towels wasn’t right, but one was in the laundry… Stuff like that. The whole process took months as they were very slow in getting back to us at each step. However, once they decide you’re a good candidate and send out the photographer, things move fast. That was hard because they made the final decisions without a lot of input from us. Since the program has a live person come to you and verify your listing, it would be great if you could then talk to the live person actually making the final decisions on what your listing will say.

I think the program is a good idea, they just need to work WITH hosts and allow for some more control over the listing. You’ll see they don’t even allow you to change the order in which your photos appear. I think they are taking the market research thing a bit to far. A lot of us know what works from our own experience and feedback from guest. They need to value that as they have in the past…

As for pricing, they gave us no guidelines, and we still get price tips saying our prices are too high much of the time even though we didn’t change them yet…


I’m very concerned about the professional pictures thing … For me, excellent photos is the key to get more and well price reservations. I like my photos and I was never happy with the photos that other Pros took at my place. Do you know If I’m able to keep or add my own photos, and later delete theirs?



Monica, you’ll find this answered on the other thread about the process.

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