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Anyone else going through the Airbnb Plus process?


We’ve received the email from Airbnb Plus to add photos and update our listing. I’m going along through the process, photos look great, the format to highlight features is quite limiting, but it’s otherwise fine UNTIL . . . I get to the part where they want me to change the name of our listing!

And they use this horrible generic dribble generator algorithm to do it and give you only 6 or so name options! I emailed them to find out whether name change is a requirement of the program. I’ll report back. If it is, they should say that up front as I’ll bet it’s a deal breaker for some. It may be for us.

Also note, they plan to edit your listing description and probably any other prose you write, including the name of your listing.


I really don’t like the sound of that at all. Sometime ago they changed me into an “Entire Place” which I didn’t notice until a guest pointed it out on the App. The whole process seems to be taking an absolute age; I keep getting apologetic emails with “in the meantime…”, telling me to do what I’m already doing!

I came off the Work Ready Programme, after a dispute with a potential booking for four attending a wedding locally. They wanted to check-in five hours early or use the lock box to let themselves into our house late at night, without meeting us first. Where we live. No thanks, and I suspect the Plus programme may present similar issues.

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