Another soiled mattress - guest check out without informing me

One again, a guest was kind enough to piss the bed & then simply check out without saying a word. Upon stripping the bed, the maid found the mattress soaking wet. Here’s the guest’s response when I messaged them inquiring about what happened: "I apologize it happened this morning and with cleaning and packing and trying to catch a flight I lost track of time. I sincerely apologize. " This is now the 5th time in 5 years a guest has soiled the bed in one way or another without informing me. And ofcourse, there is a new set of guests checking in today. Good times.

I put waterproof fitted mattress protectors on all of the beds. Not the old plastic type that make crinkly noises, but the type that look like terry-cloth with a rubberized backing. They’re washable and will save your mattress from more than just urine. $20 for a queen size is really cheap insurance.


Ditto. I use these on my family’s beds too. A childs accident or spilled coffee is no joke.


Wonderful suggestion! I previously used to loud plastic protectors but took them all off one by one as guests complained.

Can you share the product name or link where I may find the one you speak of?

I think this is the one I got. I’d recommend the encasement type because it can’t be removed quickly and easily or “accidentally.”


This is the one I bought.

They’re quite a bit cheaper than the one @KKC linked, but being “bed bug proof” might be worth it.


I remembered I could search my orders with keywords and went back and this is the one I ordered. I’m going to be honest and admit that I’m not using it right now because I upgraded to a new mattress and didn’t get another one. But I do have a fitted non waterproof one on the bed. In 5 years/600 guests I haven’t had a single piss the bed guest. I also haven’t had any bad period stains. So, I’ve become lax. I also don’t have families with children. I don’t know why I’ve been so lucky.

For me the zippered encasement idea was just to have it completely covered on all sides. Also if someone strips the bed to hide their mess, it’s much more work to strip off a zippered encasement.

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We have theses on all our beds also so much cheaper than buying a new mattress. Of course, you get the 1/1000 that complains about them. They are not the plastic crinkly type but like the ones above and she complained that they made the bed hot. Unless you completely strip the bed you would not know they were there which was suspicious anyway. She also commented that we should not be in business if we couldn’t afford to replace mattresses every time an accident occurred.

I’m a hot sleeper and so I don’t have one on my bed. But I have a non waterproof encasement and two regular fitted poly fill mattress pads on my personal bed. That works well for me and my dogs. But when people don’t inform you or do anything and just let it seep in for hours…

I am very happy to stay somewhere which has a mattress covered by a waterproof covering, preferably not the crinkly, noisy, plastic ones. However, I DETEST the waterproof cover being immediately under the sheet, as I find it so hot and sweaty. I always remove it. We provide our guests with a fleecy cover (even a blanket would do) between the sheet and the waterproof which is much more comfortable. We get good reviews for comfort.


Yup. Works like a charm

Yea, I’ve had guests express the same sentiments to me- to which i reply, "wonderful, then by your logic you should have no problem paying for the damage you caused, because you shouldn’t be traveling if you can’t afford to replace the things you damage. "


Even the best mattress cover won’t help if someone takes it off. In December I found a stain on the mattress cover & think this doesn’t look like what I purchased. Remove it & find a coffee spill.

As best I can tell:

  1. Guest stained original cover & removed it.
    2 either they or another guest spilled coffee on unprotected bed & purchased a mattress cover to hide the stain
    3 another guest stained the replacement

Do people do this in their own homes to their mattresses?

This is why the zipper encasement might be a small help. On top of my waterproof zipper encasement I put the typical polyfill fitted mattress cover, then the fitted sheet.

At home I don’t eat or drink in bed but in the rental people might.


I also have the encasements and poly filled mattress pads, then the sheets. We also have the box spring encased also.

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I bought a waterproof encasement that had the poly fill mattress pad built in.

Unbelievable! I was too busy to go to the bathroom?!!


I have a mattress cover, but I also sprayed my mattress with a silicon waterproofing spray, the type you would use on outdoor clothes and tents.


Any chance someone simply spilled hot coffee on the waterproof mattress cover? I learnt the hard way that the one I had was not waterproof when confronted with hot water after my hot water bottle sprung a leak and the waterproof film of the mattress pad just melted away and soaked my mattress below.

I have this mattress protector too. Thankfully it hasn’t been needed yet, but at least I feel safe.