Another one night guest asks me if they can leave their at my house for 10 days

So another guest asking to stay one night before they fly out of town for 10 days. Since I’m close to the airport they are asking to leave their car at my house when they leave town. The nerve, although I cannot tell them street parking is not allowed because I am not sure. Here’s their message and my reply, offering a long term parking solution.

My friend and I are flying to Costa Rica early morning on Weds Feb 5. Would it be OK with you if we park on the street during our trip, if we book your house that night? We’ll be gone until Friday Feb 14. No pressure whatsoever, I just wanted to ask. We’ll arrive around 8 or 9PM on Feb 4, promptly sleep, and will be very low impact overall. No pressure! I just wanted to ask.

My Reply:
Parking at my property is an amenity I offer to guests. I’d suggest you rent the room until the 14th and then you can park in my driveway.

Street parking is risky as the neighbors may call the county when cars reduce access by parked on the street. The county will not perform trash pickup, not to mention they will not clean the snow off a street with cars on it.

I would offer parking for a fee if I had a spot, since this is the second time for you it seems as if you are missing out on a income stream.



The problem then @RiverRock if @david_rva did this for guests off on their travels is that off street parking wouldn’t be available for paying guests.

I would perhaps offer off street parking as an optional extra for guests who are actually staying. @david_rva

They are asking politely as was the other guest about whom you posted. I must be missing some critical bit of information (or forgot). What is the issue about which you are so sensitive?

Surely your listing says “one parking spot per guest, no street parking, no leaving your car here while you travel, and please don’t ask me about it.”


I said if he has a spot. Meaning an extra spot. I have plenty of parking, I am just not close to an airport.



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As I said on his previous post, I have an extra spot and would love to sell it but no one asks.

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Yep I would happily arrange for a guest to garage their car in my off-limits-to-guests garage for a fee but we will likely never have the opportunity.

What is a reasonable rate for that, though? Just in case… :cowboy_hat_face:

There are apps where I live where you can advertise paid parking off street spaces. Is there anything like that where you are @LoneStar

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No, we are in a rural area. But the garage there is 154 square feet smaller than the house we live in.

I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for you to charge a guest to park on a public street, so that’s out, and I would want enough street and private spaces available for current guests, so unless you have an extra private space that you know won’t be used, the answer is no.

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Long term parking in El Paso is only $5 a day. And then the guest would have to ride share to and from the Airport (although if I were available I’d be willing to provide a ride to and from). So it would have to be longer than 10 days to be worthwhile for most guests. I have one regular who left their car here once, paid me some for parking and stayed here both coming and going. I gave her a ride to the airport but not back. It was definitely a sweet deal for both of us.

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Perhaps a second listing, AIRPORT PARK AND FLY


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I mean, I could envision a scenario where a guest brings their bikes trailered and ends up spilling it on The Sisters and need to lighten the caravan to attend to business … accidents happen there a lot, sadly. When they say the ride is technical and not for novices they aren’t joking.

I understand and I’ve considered it. However, the liability of allowing them to park here is not worth it. I also do not want my neighbors to be bothered by people parking on the street.

Not to mention it’s rude because they don’t want to pay the off site parking at the airport.

LOL. Sure, why not. Although I thing it’s against AirBnB policies to offer my guests additional business services.

I really isn’t additional, it is a partial use. I think that means don’t ttry to sell them a mani-pedi, massage, bartender, etc.

No it’s not @david_rva quite a few hosts offer additional services.

AirBnb does not own your business, you do.



Yes that would be ideal if they ask " how much" . But they didn’t and I would offer to park for a fee . I already did it once . They parked on my driveway and I made 75$ doing absolutely nothing .
It’s against Airbnb policy to offer guests paid parking after their booking is finished ???

A contract that they would sign, not unlike a parking garage, could absolve you of liability.

While I don’t know your rate structure nor the the cost of the Airport parking, I’d assume that airport parking would be cheaper than renting a room that is not going to be used (+ the cost of Ubering to/from the airport) so offering such seems farfetched and could reflect negatively on you.

The opportunity to offer parking (for a fee) if they book your room, the night prior and the night upon their return may present a business model to consider (if you are that close to the airport)

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