Amazing Guest Experience

I am new to this Airbnb and wanted to ask for insights if we can offer guest with like tours or merchandise when they booked with us. Will Airbnb allow this?

Airbnb offers “experiences” which can include tours. What isn’t allowed is for you to spam the forum.


It’s up to you. It’s your business. Regarding tours though, you might want to ask your STR insurance people whether you’d need to extend your coverage in any way.

Thank you for your opinion.

It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact and I’m a moderator who will be monitoring your posts. One of your posts has already been flagged. Take it or leave it.

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Make that two of us.


Thank you for your information.

Is it not against Airbnb policy to offer guest tours and merchandise? I will not get in trouble for this?

It’s hard to believe there are any Airbnb hosts that don’t know about Airbnb Experiences. Airbnb reminds me about it every single time I login. Go here for info for hosts.

Regarding merchandise, Airbnb doesn’t care, but you would need to check your local laws regarding collecting sales tax and any additional permits you need (e.g. things like prepared food, produce, or alcohol may require separate permits from your local government).

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What makes you think @JeromeA is a host? My money is on someone else trying to find a way to piggyback on Airbnb’s success.


Thank you Brian for your response.

I am not a host yet, but I wanted to start. And just like everyone else who uses Airbnb I wanted to make money. I wanted to make money by hosting and if possible to make extra money by offering tours and merchandise. That is the reason why I joined this forum to ask opinions before I start so I won’t do anything wrong and not to be reproached with bad intentions.

Compare this with your very first post on this forum which has now been hidden:

I am introducing a new product that compliments your guest house or the area destination that will attract your guest to purchase this item.

You stated that you are here to sell us a product.

Anyway, good luck hosting. If you read here it will help you in that regard.


If you are one of those people whose goal is solely to make money and who thinks that the hospitality industry is an easy way to make money, then you’re mistaken.

If you think that you’ll have a lovely time giving tours and selling merchandise to grateful guests, you can also think again.

Hosting is fabulous, brilliant, fantastic but it’s also very hard work and very time consuming.

However, I’m assuming that you are experienced in the industry?

Then your first step is to study the Airbnb site and its TOS very carefully. Once you’ve done that, do your sums very carefully to see if it’s going to be worth your while.

Your information is greatly appreciated!

I am from the island and Hospitality is big in our culture.

I love the atmosphere that guest brings in, the smiles on their faces when they arrive.

My family owns a small bed and breakfast in the islands, a very old one, I used to manage the place and accommodate the guest.

@KKC is correct that I wanted to introduce a product. But before doing this so I wanted to ask for clarifications. The first post got pinned but did I continue with introducing the product. The first response was rude and I still get response of a full rebuke from KKC til the end. @KKC I sincerely give my gratitude for your time with this post.(PS this is not a sarcastic comment). I am thankful for all the things.

Thank you @jaquo for being very informative and professional. I really learn a lot from your post and others as well. I will continue to research on that.

I have all the time to make this hosting possible and I would love to give guest a extra ordinary experience. I wanted to get back from what I always experience when I was the guest.

Travelers are amazing and gives a positive vibe.

Thank you everyone :blush:

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Nah. You are not remotely interested in being a host. You are here to sell us. Everything else is pure bs. Do you really think you are the first person to try this?

Thank goodness for “block user”. Adios!

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Yes, this is how I picture @jaquo and @KKC the Thelma & Louise of the forum


Don’t we look great?



@JeromeA The majority of hosts, from my reading of hosting forums over several years, consider it rather crass to try to sell your guests things. It’s one thing to offer a tour or something like that, but they are booking accomodation, not to be hit with some merchandising scheme where you try to extract even more money out of them. It could be quite offensive to guests, quite the opposite of an “amazing experience”.


I agree with @muddy!

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