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Amazing Guest Experience

Agree it is moderately tacky to hustle guests with any “add ons”. Your job as host is ONLY to provide them with a safe, friendly, well appointed place to sleep. Hosts are NOT tour guides or merchandisers.

Which island? I can think of several hundred right off the top of my head.

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It’s an honor that anyone would even remotely think of me in the same thought with these fictional icons. I am not worthy.



I’ve stayed with hosts who display some of things that they make such as artwork of the local area, food etc which I have enjoyed looking at.

If a host was to offer supper or breakfast as an add-on I would welcome this too.

I don’t see this as crass, there is no hard sell. The items are priced and you just leave the money if you want to buy something or let them know in advance if you want to have breakfast or dinner.

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