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All becoming a bit of a hatefest on here

A lot of new users over the past few days and a lot of them claiming to be experienced hosts/property managers/whatever and giving us all the benefit of their advice, which to be frank, most of it we don’t need.

The majority of members here are experienced hosts, listing on multiple platforms. There are in home hosts, property managers, whole house hosts and occasionally just a man cave in a basement hosts :slight_smile:

One or two reckon they’ve even been hosting for longer than I’ve been born, and I’m no spring chicken :wink:

All I can say to you is that with Airbnb, you’ve got exactly what you signed up for. Nothing more, nothing less.

There it is, in black and white, so good luck with any class actions. You’ll be tied up in litigation for so long that, by the time it’s resolved, vacation rentals will be something you have to explain to your grandchildren, similar to rotary dial telephones and a Sony Walkman. The alternative is that Airbnb, along with many other leisure/travel related companies, doesn’t survive this global pandemic so your suit becomes worthless anyway.

Any “experienced” user of their platform has been fully aware of how the EC policy is used against hosts, it’s nothing new. I don’t like it any more than you do, but it is how it is.

The only way anything will change is if Airbnb decide to change it. Will pressure from a few thousand disgruntled hosts influence them? I doubt it.

For every hundred hosts who bin Airbnb, there’ll be a hundred new ones to replace them. Airbnb’s focus right now, rightly or wrongly, is on the guest.

For those extolling the virtues of BDC, check the advice on your Extranet:

We expect you to refund any prepayment and waive any cancellation costs (fees, expenses and/or other amounts) in situations where the guests/travellers requested cancellations as a result of the Forced Circumstances (FC). Booking.com will waive the commission in these cases.

As of yesterday there is now a long list detailing the circumstances under which a guest can request a refund based on Force Majeure/Forced Circumstances. Is it a more rational approach than Airbnb… definitely.

Will VRBO/HA do similar? Who knows but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Incidentally, we’ve seen thousands of euros worth of booking disappear in the past few days, and if the situation globally doesn’t change soon, thousand more are at risk.

Our bookings are (were!) spread across the above three platforms along with a healthy direct booking clientele.

Anyone whose listing is suitable (and I know many aren’t) for multi platform advertising, and until now have been solely reliant on Airbnb, have been, in my humble opinion, extremely naive.

So, if anyone wants to vent, please feel free to vent here.



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(unfortunately no “vent” emoji)


Can I get you some toilet paper to go with those ma’am?

No shortages of it here :roll_of_toilet_paper: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :roll_of_toilet_paper:



Every STR and listing site is going to be impacted.

Not all of them are going to turn their backs on their hosts.

That’s all.

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That, unfortunately, remains to be seen.



So in the meantime stop criticizing AirBnB?

Feel free, I already did above regarding the EC policy, and how it’s misused by Airbnb all the time, not just in this current situation.

I’m certainly not defending them because a) that’s not my job and b) I don’t like many of their policies either, hence the fact we put most of our energies into getting BDC and HA bookings.



Hah, I’m just jaded in going through all this info and half the posts being blind defense of AirBnB and half being blind anger.

Unfortunately this is a global problem. Criticism of AirBnBs treatment of hosts is warranted (though class action? Hah) and deserved.

I’ve enjoyed a few years running my property through AirBnB, but the way they’ve handled this pushed me over towards making my listing a long term rental (which we had been thinking of for some time to be fair).

Support even messaged me to ask me to refund the rest of a guests reservation after he cancelled 2 days prior to his arrival on March 2nd. I told them if they felt so strongly they should provide it to him themselves. They dont feel that strongly.

I enjoyed AirBnB and the experience and we made a decent bit of money, but staring down 2 months of lost revenue with no support from AirBnB?


A lot of people are going around refusing to listen and they will be the first ones that say, “no one told me” or “who knew?” We’ve seen it at the highest level here in the US so it’s no surprise that it’s so widespread.

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Braggert. lol

But, the way that everyone is freaking out about toilet paper, you would think that Covid is a stomach virus. (Yeah, see, it could be worse ,)


Anti-hate message: So glad this forum exists and I can commiserate with y’all as I wait hopefully for my current guest’s flight not to get cancelled so she can get outta here and back to her 7 yo child after her training session was abruptly corona’d. And for us to emerge from this situation so we can go back to fustigating over duvets and teakettles.
I do wish hosts seeking damages from Airbnb the best of luck and the utmost in lawyerly skills. But I won’t be investing time and effort in that, based on my reading of the Terms of Service.
I have been fully refunding both Airbnb (involuntarily, but I’ve been messaging guests about their opportunities to cancel) and VRBO guests (voluntarily, with similar messaging). And offering a discount on re-bookings. My guests have thanked me for keeping them informed and tell me they plan to re-book (whether they will follow through on that is another story).
If I were a guest who just lost a bundle cancelling my VRBO reservation, I would think twice about booking there again. In future I would look for rentals with the most liberal cancellation policies. Or do “city” vs. resort vacations. I would change my behavior. This is a real reaction, as I booked a beach vacation with VRBO last summer, but it is only my reaction. You do you.


I’ve been reading all the posts and I haven’t seen any examples of that. Educating others who seem to be under the impression that Airbnb was their “business partner” or that they are doing something “we didn’t sign up for” or illegal is just giving the facts, it’s not a defense. The hosts who were under no illusions about any of this happen to be those who actually bothered to read through the Airbnb TOS and have participated in hosting forums for quite awhile, not simply coming to them when they have an issue. We have been aware of “what we signed up for” long before now.


I agree entirely with @muddy.

Reality and accurate information may seem like a hatefest. That doesn’t mean it is.


Ah I didn’t realize that you guys wanted to have a super special club. Since this is my first time dealing with AirBnB tossing aside hosts do I need to wait a few more weeks before I can be a full member?

No, it’s not a super special club. But explaining to those who were naive about Airbnb tossing aside hosts (which they do on a regular basis) that this is indeed what we signed up for is not the same thing as defending those policies, which I’d say the majority of hosts think gives Airbnb far too much power.
Many hosts (probably the majority) fell for the “sharing and caring, 1 million dollar guarantee” rhetoric, without realizing that their TOS basically states the exact opposite.


You don’t have to wait for any length of time at all to be suspended from this forum if you don’t try your best to behave in a civilised and friendly manner.

Look, I get it. You’re annoyed. An unprecedented virus has come along and caused all sorts of mayhem throughout the world. Businesses of all types are getting seriously affected. You want to vent, I understand that. But it’s not benefiting you at all.

You want to blame someone. But there’s no one to blame. It’s one of those things. There’s no point at all in blaming Airbnb or any other advertising platform. I hope you’re feeling better for venting but that’s about enough I think.


Oh thank you!!! xoxoxoxoxo


Like I said I’m going long term rentals, and the reason I signed up here was to find more info about deactivating my listing and what I can do to avoid penalties if I decide to reactivate later. AirBnB actively passing off costs to its hosts is not something that makes me stormin’ mad, but I see that there’s no money to made in STRs now. If it makes you feel better suspending me that’s fine, I don’t think I’ve been egregious. If anything I’ve brought up more complaints about my dealings with AirBnB that have been met with “yea that’s how it is”. So enjoy how it is.

Well said. I have mentioned before my brief stint as an Uber driver. I was reading these forums during that time as we spent 2 years working on the house over our vacations, 1 to 2 weeks at a time, 3 or 4 times a year.

I already picked up on the fact that Air and Uber treat their providers very similarly in terms of ratings systems, algorithms, abrupt suspensions for unexpected and often false reasons, permanent bans with no explanation given nor owed per the ToS.

I knew all of that and the need to diversify across platforms if possible was obvious.

I still feel sorry for anyone who gets in over their head without fully understanding what they signed up for, I have certainly done it in life but not with Uber or my VR and I thank all of you for the education I have gotten here. I read this forum regularly starting in 2017 and only created the account months after starting to actually host guests. I wanted to pay it forward.


I started reading after I started hosting and didn’t join until I’d retired as a teacher. But I feel that the forum has helped me avoid a lot of problems. I understand everyone has to start somewhere but folks who join, offer nothing but complaints, some of them misinformed, and immediately act like we owe them something are a bit much.

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