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All becoming a bit of a hatefest on here

I’ve been hosting for 3 and a half years, and didn’t discover the hosting forums until 2 years ago. First I joined the Airbnb CC and have actively participated there, and was just a lurker here until fairly recently.
But I did read through everything on the Airbnb Help site for hosts, so I was clear about how it all worked, and read the TOS before I listed, just like I read the instruction manual for a piece of equipment before I fire it up and start using it.
The forums have most definitely helped me to avoid a lot of problems and alerted me to things that aren’t actually mentioned anywhere on the Airbnb site. They are also quite valuable when Airbnb experiences one of their far too frequent system-wide glitches, because hosts will immediately start reporting it on the forums, whereas Airbnb will tell each host that calls that it must be some issue related their specific account.


I also dont get the negativity towards all the new users. But like you said, take the good leave the rest

You haven’t seen anything if you haven’t started a thread about duvets. :joy:


Noooo - kettles!


Nooo… should I wash everything?


Nooo… Should I have decorative pillows on my beds?


Decorative pillows showed up in our VR master bedroom sometime last summer (a ‘gift’) and oops wouldn’t you know they somehow ended up in my car when I left after Thanksgiving vacation. :joy:

Yeahhhh, thanks but no.

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yep - thats me - subtle as a brick and twice as blunt! I hate people beating around bushes because i often don’t know it you are skipping around the azalea or boot scooting the hibiscus…


Yeah, people either love me or hate me for it. One of my friends said that no one ever has to wonder how I feel about something, because I’m not at all shy about blurting it out with no filters. It does amaze me how many people take offense if you’re not really careful how you choose your words. I find it exhausting to have to constantly think about how to phrase something so someone doesn’t get their fragile little feelings hurt.


I am cut from the same cloth and frankly in person it doesn’t even matter if I don’t say a word… you still pretty much know exactly what I think, for better or worse. No poker face and no real motivation to engage in pretense.


LOL. Try the search feature …

Ten million likes…WTF


That may not help, because many potential tenants will be unemployed and unable to afford your security deposit and last month’s rent, much less the rent.

That’s my problem, because when it was a very desireable apartment at the top of my market for location, quality, and amenities, it wasn’t paying its way where the cost of living is 25% above Seattle.

Apartment rentals here will be dead this year. Because we are Alaska’s capital city, about 40% of the jobs here are state government, the state’s budget is based mostly on oil tax revenues, and the price of oil just headed south thanks to foreign oil wars. So I can’t just turn it back into an apartment. But I am going to contact the hospital about housing their 90 day contract nurses and techs with my own lease.


Filterless and proud.
I like straight talk.
Apropos this forum - discovered it and been lurking since 2017. I have learnt a lot of hosting hacks and avoided many pitfalls thanks to all of you. Also benefitted psychologically from the forum’s constant reminders that Airbnb is not my employer, friend or mother and that not getting 5 stars does not mean you should stick your head in the oven .Didn’t feel I had anything useful to contribute until the Covid-19 dumbfuckery started.

Good wishes to all in these strange times


or decorative bed cushions…

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No, I hate AirBNB as much and other Platform.
I try to get as much direct bookings as possible, but AirBNB is needed for the off season.

I just laugh at all the greedy hosts that come whine on this forum. You have been making a lot of illegal profit the last few years, hardly paying any taxes or adhering to any safety regulations.
Complaining about hotels that are way too expensive.

Now one single setback and suddenly your world is collapsing. You have not been saving up any money and are completely dependent on one single supplier? That’s your own fault.

Just go to LTR, the competition will be happy. Most of us saved up for a while, and created a buffer for cases like this.

AirBnB is doing what every hotel is doing… if you want to compete with the hotels, expect the same rules applied.

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Oh, so sitting on savings is a reason to twiddle your thumbs? I dont think so.

Look around at STRs, if you have a chance to convert your entire place listing to an LTR right now you’d be stupid not to.

Taking 75% rent for 6 months is a a no brainer, and absolutely not out of reach for a lot of ‘entire place’ listings.

Just because someone is jumping off ship is no reason to pretend you dont know how the world works.

My impression is people here do not want to help new users who are looking for an exit. That’s fine, like you all said there are other places for a better conversation

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Not me. I would let my house sit empty before I would convert it to LTR. In fact it did for two years before I decided to try STR.


Sounds nice. Most people dont like paying a mortgage without the associated income, but always good to know some hosts have fully paid off homes. I think you can appreciate most people are not in that situation for entire place listings

I suppose some do. I do not.

Everybody’s situation is different. There is no “one size fits all” in STR.

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