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AirReview stopped working?


Tonight I checked an prospective guest’s profile and the Airreview extension didn’t show up. I went back to some previous guests and it didn’t show there either. Has Air blocked this app?
Anyone else having this problem?

I would call them but I have had enough of their “help” today with another issue.

Extremely critical guests

I just checked and it’s working okay for me.


can you explain how the AirReviw works? I got chrome and now have the AirReview extension but don’t know how to look at the reviews that guests have left


No, do not call Airbnb about the chrome extension. They have nothing to do with it. And we don’t want to alert them to it too. We don’t want them to fix code so it doesn’t work.


However I still can’t get it to work today…


Quit the browser and restart. Fixes 99 percent of issues!


Tried it but no different :frowning:


Are you using a tablet or ipad? It only works on a laptop or desktop. Also like @konacoconutz said rebooting can fix most problems


Try a different brower and/or OS. And use it on a proper computer, like @Annet3176 said. It’s working for me here too. Chromium on Debian (Linux).


Been using this same browser with the extension for months - Chrome, tried a restart, then a complete reboot, I use desktop. This is what I see when I click on the guest profile - it is formatted differently than how I used to see it:


arent there other pages where you can reach the reviews? Try viewing it from another page?


What operating system? You could give Chromium a try on the same machine.


I had to click on the little AirReview symbol next to the address bar on my browser… that reinitiated it for me.


AirReview doesn’t seem to be working for me either (Mac / Firefox).


It’s only for chrome.


Still working fine for me. I’ve never had any problems at all.


It used to work fine in Firefox :confused:


I noticed that too! It’s not working on my desktop using Chrome when it has before. I tried a couple of things to get it working again, but no luck. :frowning:


They might have been messing with some coding?


I just tried it in Chrome (on mac) and yes it also stopped functioning in that browser :roll_eyes:. That was such a wonderful add-on, let’s hope they get it back up and running soon.

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