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AirReview stopped working?


Its gone for me 2:frowning:


It’s still working for me (Chrome on desktop PC). I just got a new booking this AM and her one previous review is there thanks to AirReview.





Do you have the new profile page format?


Not yet. That must be the issue. Sorry I didn’t see that earlier.


I just did the usual - closed and reopened the page, same with the browser, and then with the computer. None seemed to work but the next day it started working again. No idea why but glad to have it back.


It’s working again for me now, after having not worked for awhile. I don’t remember doing anything special but since others reported it back on, I checked and viola!


So now that I finally have it working, where do you see whether guest got a thumbs up or down? Or am I confused again?:face_with_monocle:


AirReview doesn’t show what the guest got, it just shows the review the guest left for the host.

You can’t see thumbs up or down anywhere. It must be deduced from looking at "this guest is recommended by xx number of hosts. If they stayed with 6 different hosts and have 3 recommends that’s 3 thumbs up. However, not having a rec can mean they stayed with the same host more than once or it can mean they were part of a group or it can mean they got a thumbs down. I think someone said it can even mean the host skipped giving either.


So I assume this is on guest profile page? I’ve not seen the “This guest…” portion on profile that I know of. So many of my guests are first timers though. I’ll have another look at guests pages that have a few reviews. Thanks!


Still not working for me:(



@yecatsr, mine still isn’t working since the new guest profile page rolled out. Did you get yours working again on the new profile page? Thanks!


Hi @JaneB. Yes, I finally got it to work (Chrome for Mac). I think I say above that I had to do a bunch of restarts, log in and out several times out of Airbnb. And a bunch of other sill stuff, even though when I click on the extension icon in upper right of browser window it gives message that “it’s working”. It wasn’t but with much persistence on my part it just finally started working. I have no explanation for why. (??) Any luck yet?


@yecatsr You have the old guest profile page. Mine stopped working when Air switched mine to the new format. If you look at Terryathome’s post, you will see the new format. Uuggg!!!


Ha, ha, I’m more confused than ever! So I have the “old” profile page. When does this (and why) update to new profile page? I would have thought everyone had the same page as they roll out updates?

Did you see @K9KarmaCasa’s screen shot of her profile page? Is her’s the new one or the old one? I’m specifically now interested in why she has the “Rachael was recommended by 8 hosts”. I don’t have that anywhere. I notice that @Terryathome has the “new” profile page but his screenshot does not show the “XYZ was recommended by X hosts” section either (maybe they had not been given any thumbs up…"

So Terry has new profile page and got the Chrome ext. to work, but you still can’t. I assume your Chrome is on auto-update so you have the latest version. This is so strange. Maybe it will just remain a mystery!


I posted the issue with the new guest profile page on the AirReview app. Two days ago I received this response

“We are working to update the extension so that it will work for the new pages. Thank you for your patience.” Hopefully won’t be too much longer.


Thanks for reporting it to AirReview. It disappeared for me when Air switched to the new layout and I miss it.


My “new” guest profile page has reverted back, making this app functional again. Has anyone else experienced this?


Working again for me too!


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