Airbnb website is down, so much for those ivy league graduates they hired

The website is down as we speak. Cant do anything on it. Probably the Ivy league graduates were on the business side not on the programming, computer science major side.
So frustrating!

Mine works on both the guest and host side, app and desktop.

Working for me now, but it’s been 25 minutes since you posted, so who knows.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Airbnb’s programmers/IT/etc. are all in what we in the high-tech industry call “low-cost geo’s”

Working fine for me earlier.

What are low cost geos?

geo’s = geographies.

Lost cost geo’s = places were labor, taxes, and rent are cheap and regulations are lax, so the cost of doing business (or more appropriately, a specific part of a business) is much lower.

Working fine early am UK time, then went down between about 12 md - 2 pm. Back up when I checked just after 2 pm.

Or it could be server-side, attack of service, etc.

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it was error 500 internal server error. while this could mean a series of things, including some errors that had to do with bad programming, i didnt expect this for ABB. Major apps like Facebook, instagram etc, etc, banks etc that are used by millions of people should be up close to 100%.

In other words if this would have happened in a company I used to work whoever responsible would be severely reprimanded and the next time fired.

usually if it’s after hours there should always be someone - a technical guy or team - on call. when this happens the easier fix is to switch a sever with one that is a backup, until the first one gets fixed or if someone committed new code to production, reverse that change that perhaps was not properly tested.

this happened like around 5pm in west coast time. there should have been lots of ppl there to fix this.

I didn’t expect this from Airbnb, that’s all, especially after i read an article somewhere that they hire ivy league graduates, but as a friend of mine put it, Chesky is not a Computer science major so he sort of left this part on the back burner, that’s why the website is chaotic, difficult to navigate and not user friendly.

Airbnb goes down periodically. It’s not the first time. It’s never for long though. I started writing down or screen shotting the cell number of all my guests so I have a way to contact them if the site goes down.


Usually after an outage you will notice differences in functionality. All systems will periodically be taken down for an upgrade. Unlike other sites that have a notice “system will be unavailable between 1:00-2:00 am fior servicing”. Airbnb doesn’t warn anyone first.

Good heavens. every website - even a tiny one - has hundreds of components to ensure it runs smoothly. I can’t imagine the technical aspects involved in running a global site like Airbnb with millions of users logging in, browsing, updating listings, making enquiries, answering queries, creating guidebooks, adjusting calendars, pestering the resolution centre, querying the help files … and maybe thousands of other tasks. And that’s just logged in users.

It’s a fantastic technical juggling act that allows users from all over the world to log in to the site, or simply visit, without its functionality going haywire daily.

The last thing Airbnb wants is for it’s clients not to be able to get to the site. It hurts them more than it does us. It’s ‘allowed’ to go down from time to time, I think.

I hope all hosts do that.

@Annet3176 that’s right. AT my job we post this “website in maintenance between x-y ET” or something similar. Usually it takes 1-2 hrs. we also send emails in advance to all our users that in that day at that time we will be doing maintenance, along with displaying the under maintenance page.

Usually where I work we take it down in weekends from 9-11am, but our users are mostly on this continent and s america, but with a global site like that, even at night is daylight somewhere so it would really help if they start to put this notice up, so people won’t freak out.
I as a traveler, I never save anything. I rely on my phone app to get the hosts’ address or phone #. Imagine I arrived and the website is dead.
Even my bank posts notes like these, so that we know approximately how long is going to take to get the website back up.
However I kind of never see FB being not functional or under maintenance.
@KKC that’s a wonderful idea… I’ll start doing this. This is the first time this has happened to me.


Updated Terms of Service today. That’s probably why the site was down yesterday.


Have you tried switching it off and then back on again?


It has loads of problems.

They do this with the Canadian government public websites too, once a week in the middle of the night. Reminds me of those old Norad tests on TV.

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@JamJerrupSunset Ha, ha, love that movie.

I logged into Airbnb today. A new Terms of Service & more popped up for my review and approval. Of course I accepted all without reading because it was either that or no longer be on Airbnb. I need to go back & see what changed.

I wonder if this push out caused the outage…

I was thinking of The IT Crowd!

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