Airbnb wants to keep guest money for a year?

So, we had a guest booked for June, event was cancelled due to Covid, we agreed to bump reservation one year. So deposit would stay but that was okay with guest. NOW, Airbnb takes the rest of the payment for a June 2021 booking. NO flexibility. They think it’s okay to keep around $1000 for a year.
This is their response:
When a person chooses a payment plan, they will pay for part of your reservation when your booking is confirmed, and They will be charged future payments automatically on the dates listed on the checkout page.
Please use this link for further information
As I do understand your concern, this process is automatically scheduled when a person chooses to use the payment plan option.
I am sorry I was not able to provide you with the outcome you desired.
Best regards,
Not much sympathy for a Covid-19 situation.
Then I was told I could leave feedback here:
Please feel free to leave a feedback on our policies here: Only the link doesn’t work so I guess they really don’t want any feedback.
Then, search is overloaded so I can’t search for another situation like this.
Feels as if Airbnb is going down the tubes.

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They are using it for important philanthropic enterprises, can’t you just be supportive?
/sarcasm font

It seems more like a software bug that they just don’t want to deal with.

I’d bet that if the guest cancelled, the system wouldn’t have charged the 2nd half of the payment. The software just isn’t setup to modify the payment date when the reservation gets moved and if they do something manually, then they have to do something else manually again a year from now.

I would at least tell the guest you tried.

A line from James Thurber’s Pet Department comes to mind, “You people are living in a fool’s paradise. The animal is obviously a horse with a span of antlers strapped onto his head. If you really want a moose, dispose of the horse; if you want to keep the horse, take the antlers off. Their constant pressure on his ears isn’t a good idea.”
This in response to:
Q. My husband paid a hundred and seventy-five dollars for this moose to a man in Dorset, Ontario, who said he had trapped it in the woods. Something is wrong with his antlers, for we have to keep twisting them back into place all the time. They’re loose.

I think this makes as much sense as anything Airbnb has said to me over the past ELEVEN MONTHS OF OVERCHARGING GUESTS.

Is there an Airbnb guests forum? Perhaps I should take this overcharging issue there. I know they’re doing it in other states as well.

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