Airbnb Supports Black Lives Matter

Today, across the United States thousands of Airbnb host heads are exploding. Accounts are being deleted as hosts stand by their conviction that Airbnb and politics have nothing to do with each other. (Yay for me. )

The text of the email:

As we work to process the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, we wanted to send a message to you directly. To hosts and guests who are hurting, angry, and scared, we want you to know that Airbnb stands with you.

Discrimination is the greatest threat to a community built on belonging and acceptance. It cuts to the core of who we are and what we believe in. Airbnb stands with Black Lives Matter, and we reject racism, bigotry, and hate.

We can’t talk about recent events without also acknowledging the painful truth that some hosts and guests still experience discrimination, something that is the very opposite of our mission to create belonging. In 2016, Airbnb launched our nondiscrimination policy and community commitment, and over 1.3 million people who declined the pledge have been removed from our platform. We still have work to do, and we’re continuing to take action on our commitment to fighting discrimination.

One way we’re doing that is by donating a total of $500,000 to the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter foundation in support of their fight for equality and justice, in addition to matching donations to both groups made from all of our employees. Another is sharing an Activism and Allyship guide that our Black employee resource group, Black@Airbnb, prepared for our team, which references work from activists and experts in antiracism. We thought it would be helpful to share these resources with you—as we all work together to become better and more active allies.

Download guide

Please take care of yourselves, and stay safe.

In solidarity,

The Airbnb Team


No thank you. I don’t need some Seattle based billionaire telling me how to treat others and live my life.

Maybe the young Master Chesky should concentrate on sorting out the mess his company is in before getting involved in US politics.


Mr Even Grumpier with Airbnb of Jerez

Who is now logging out before he says something he might end up with a forum ban for.


Oops. He has always lived in San Francisco and Airbnb is headquartered there.

As a supporter of Black Lives Matter, I’m happy to see an organization I support get a donation, I don’t much care who it is from. Do I think it’s a good business practice? Probably not. However, if a a bunch of angry anti-BLM people leave the platform it is good for me, both guest and host wise.

Again, maybe this is a bad idea but I’m sure Master Chesky can do more than one thing at a time.

I think the wise move would have been to donate personally to BLM, make a show of it but leave Airbnb out of it. Especially since host bore the brunt of the CV19 debacle Airbnb monies shouldn’t be used at this time to support anything other than Airbnb and their clients.


Companies rarely do anything because they’re nice. I am always skeptical of the motivations behind these moves.

Many companies headquartered in and around San Francisco did similar things over the past few days, including the company where I work and companies where friends and former colleagues are working. However, apparently, there is now backlash about these same companies not doing enough, being insensitive, being inauthentic. People basically think companies are making boastful statements about their discrimination policies as a way to garner media attention.

No. Really?



An actual cash contribution is a little more serious than humble brags about how your corporation simply obeys existing law.

I’d like to be a more ethical consumer but I mostly find myself giving up and deciding that I should do what is convenient and cheap and funnel my money towards causes I believe in. For 2 years I donated 10% of my Airbnb net revenue to a such a cause and mentioned this on my listing. This year choosing will be a bit more challenging. I wouldn’t choose BLM for that purpose.


I appreciate seeing Airbnb take a positive stand. I appreciate their willingness to try to help a cause—they don’t have to. It would Have been easier for them to keep the money than be berated by Grouchy-pants people


If Chesky wanted to make a donation, he should have done it privately, like other billionaires have done. It would have had the same optics- good for the company image.
It’s outrageous to me for Airbnb to donate half a million dollars to BLM after hosts just lost all their bookings to COVID cancellations and are financially suffering, laying off 1900 of their staff, with CS now reportedly frustratingly difficult to get a response from. And yet they have a spare half a million kicking around?


Maybe it means more when a company has less to give?

Although, when you think about it, $500,000 is less than 1 day’s interest Airbnb’s owes from the two rounds of fundraising in early April.


Agree. Airbnb’s donation is a false front to portray themselves as a “woke” corporation. I know for a fact, they discriminate themselves, but in today’s corporate world, image is everything, hypocrisy reigns. Their brand image is more important than actually promoting racial progress within their own company. Plus, if they want to be acquired (which I imagine they are desperate to be), they need to play the PR game the larger corporations play, who are “down” with PC culture. That’s my take.


Yes, I agree with you.

Ha ha, yes. Put it down to angry fingers :laughing:

Good, I’m genuinely pleased for you. In fact, putting the central issue here aside, I’m happy with the destination of the funds. However, where were Airbnb with their largesse in 2013? In 2014?

The point I was (poorly) trying to make.

There’ll be a few unemployed ex Airbnb employees sitting there thinking that half a million dollars could have kept a few of them in a job for another month or so.

Exactly. This smacks to me a of a PR stunt, brought on by the current troubles being experienced throughout the U.S.



To date, I have a May 31 support ticket open that I was told I would need to wait ‘up to 10 minutes’ for a specialist to respond. It’s now June 4 where I live and they still haven’t answered.

Good thing I wasn’t actually waiting around.


Airbnb prob sent BLM a blog post. “We’ll pay our donation to you by July if you meet these criteria.” July comes “we’ll pay you by August”. BLM contact support “please see blog post for all the details on that program that’s handled by a special department that has no communication capability”.


You tell em buddy! You’re a free bird!!!

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: Hahahahah golden.

Airbnb certainly isn’t the only one donating to BLM. Many donations are going to less polarizing groups and it probably would have been wise of Airbnb to do the same. How does someone who relies on the internet for their business but disagrees with the various racial justice movements square their values with the need to make money. I struggle with this every day except from the other side of the political arena.

Nike uses the phrase, do they support the organization?

This is my personal online statement and I am ok Airbnb gives money to BLM.
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i waited three weeks for a reply.

Amazon donates $10 million to groups including Black Lives Matter

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