Airbnb supply has doubled since 2017

This is why Airbnb removes hosts without much concern for “due process.” All those hosts who claim they are leaving (without being forced off) for some perceived insult are easily ignored and replaced.


Interesting, they are offering me $720 to refer new hosts.


Maybe for a while…corporate giants like AirBnB tend to get ‘too big for their britches’ and think they can do anything, but how many of these giants have we seen fall over the past few decades? There are always people with better ideas, different ways of doing things, coming along. If I were Air, I would enjoy the success and tread carefully…but they won’t…


They are offering me $640 and it used to be $120. Maybe that helps contribute to the increased supply. Maybe they realized they should reward hosts more for supplying them with their basic commodity.

Do you have an example? I know we all repeat these “truisms” but are they really true. I know one I’ve been waiting to fall is Amazon.

I’m not Air but I am following this advice. I’m older, don’t depend on Airbnb income for survival and even if I do it the rest of my life that will be a pretty short time, corporate time line speaking. I enjoy every day of it knowing if it ended tomorrow I could turn to a roommate or tenant situation.

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Not where I lived they aren’t . It depends whether you’re in an area where they need more listings @RiverRock

Supply might be up, but is demand up even higher, or not so much, etc.?

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Fair observation. I think in areas with local hosts who are willing to build relationships and share resources, this could be true.

My coastal area had/is having a real estate purchase surge. Many of the buyers will be part time residents and rent when not using their homes.

Based upon the many of the new poorly written & presented listings, if they did a referral that person did not help or guide them.

I think it depends on type if rental.

A friend with a beachfront house sleeps 10 is already booked to April 2022. And starting to book summer 2022

Another friend’s home rental across street from beach, sleeps 16, is fully booked to October and then some.

I think families want to spend time together again.

Smaller rentals will probably have better demand than last year but there are so many new offerings competition will be tough.

There are many. Here is one of many lists of companies that failed to keep up with the times. Huge names like Pan-Am, Kodak, Blockbuster, Toys R us, Etc…

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[quote=“KKC, post:5, topic:46853”]
I know one I’ve been waiting to fall is Amazon.

No one is immune. And no person or company is irreplaceable. For example, most people I know are refusing to buy from Amazon any longer due to Bezos’ politics.

Speaking of which, one of my neighbors won’t list with AirBnB because Chesky gave $500m to BLM. He’s doing fine, maybe better than before because he was forced to utilize old school marketing…

Yes, I’ve mentioned them here a lot, as you must have read. But you’re talking here about companies that haven’t kept up with the times, companies that don’t accept change, companies that are set in their ways.

Airbnb is always evolving and regenerating. It’s also finding ways to help society. (I know, the cynical says that it’s ‘for their own good’ :roll_eyes: )

In its dozen or so years of existence, Airbnb has changed hugely from its early days of couches and cupcakes. Rather than catering to a pretty small niche market, it has become a mainstream business used by almost every demographic so it’s not surprising that demand is going to increase.


Valid point. 6 years ago my OLDEST guests were 35 except for the rare 50 year old who’s child pushed them to use Airbnb.

My 2021 summer bookings (my summer is 1/2 booked) are tending to be older adults.

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I started in 2008. I shudder at the increase. Life was so easy before 2013.

Pre-Covid I hosted many more guests from Europe than ever before, plus guests from Australia and New Zealand.

When I hosted in England most guests were British apart from only one couple from America that I remember. So it seems that until the pandemic, more people from more countries were travelling than ever before.

As as the pandemic slows down (???) those people who had become accustomed to travel, especially those who no longer see chain hotels as being even remotely interesting, are on the move more. That’s especially important for guests who offer whole places rather than home share.

Airbnb has throughout its existence been adding to its offerings such as the Plus, the Luxe, HotelTonight, Experiences and various acquisitions.

I know that cynics say that encouraging guests to offer their places in cases of natural disasters and so on is a good PR move - and it is - but at least they do something. They also stand by their inclusivity practices.

I like the way that they now offer the online experiences, especially those for neuro-diverse guests (a term I hadn’t heard until recently) where Airbnb takes no fees and the (low) experience fees are donated. Again, great PR but at least it’s something.


it was 500 thousand, not 500 million. And so glad your neighbor outed himself as a person who does not support the fight against racism and hate. He will not be missed.

Here are some of the other companies donating. Please tell your neighbor so that he does not patronize these stores, such as Target, Home Depot, Etsy, H&M, Levis, Gap Brands, and many others.

Shame on him and anyone who has racial hatred in their hearts…


I’m certainly not saying Airbnb CAN’T fail, but I’m 63 and only need them to go on another few years. In any case you said companies get “too big for their britches,” this article says they “failed to innovate.” Maybe I should have asked you what you meant.

In any case people have been naysaying Amazon (and Airbnb) since each started so those arguments aren’t very interesting to me. Note I’m not arguing that Airbnb is great, doesn’t make mistakes, is the best ever, etc.

All I’m doing is providing an news article about how their host numbers continue to grow as this supports an argument that I have made here: It’s cheaper for Airbnb to let a host go than try to please them.

There are plenty of us who actually like Airbnb’s politics. I know lots of people on the left who disagree with many of Amazon’s policies and politics but they are hard to give up.


Well you’re certainly correct there…at this point it is easier for them. But that may prove to bite them at some point. Probably not soon though, they are so huge…

Personally, 10-12 years seems like the most I would care to want. :wink:


Because you do not agree with someone does not mean you have racial hatred in your heart. Shame on you.