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Airbnb Site Down, Heads Up

Ok. So now that this cleaning protocol is in and mandatory, one would have to clean the duvet and the duvet cover in between each guest . Duvets that are washed that frequently do not last as long and are more expensive to replace. That makes a light comforter or cotton coverlet the winner in the contest. They take a lot less time to dry than a duvet, too.Case closed!

Oh don’t get me started…

Of course the duvet cover is laundered between guests. Duvets are easily laundered too.

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Gotcha! I actually do not use a duvet in my str just the duvet cover during the summer. And , naturally, wash it between each. But just imagining all the eye rolling going on at this subject has me grinning.

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Believe me, it’s a well-worn topic here and has been for years. :slight_smile:

And if downdetector is down! :laughing:


Has there been any information on why the site went down. Was it a security breach? Why did my listing come back as an earlier version? Has anything been sent out by airbnb?

It takes them at least a week or two to come up with ambiguous, placating wording that skirts around a issue and leaves you no wiser than before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not sure if my listings are older versions or not b/c I’m always tweaking stuff to keep the metrics happy.

Pretty sure my “Response Rate” is now wrong and it seems to coincide with the site crashing. I have had only ONE instance of not responding within 24 hours - it happened this past July and my rate went from 100% to 99% and has been there ever since. Today it’s at 90%. There is no way this is correct.

Anyone else have this happen to them? I didn’t find anything on a search of the forum.

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I read the comments section on Down Detector the day this happened. Someone said they were able to get through to customer service who told them it was down for server maintenance. Which seems odd but possible, I suppose :woman_shrugging:.

So weird it’s an older version of your listing! I would definitely give them a call and let them know about it. I double checked mine and it looks to be the latest version but that’s scary! Especially if you’re like me and have added lots more rules and info since covid.

It’s Airbnb FFS, the IT Director was probably playing an online game and diverted resources to make his video streaming smoother, or something along those lines :smile:


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