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Airbnb resolution center and contact information with phone numbers


It looks like the Canada number is just listed as the toll-free number: 1-855-424-7262


Thanks :smile:


I know it really puts me off - I am getting more and more annoyed with the way they make it so difficult to contact them - as a host you should be able to get in touch.


Well you try contacting Wimdu. They are even worse. Keep changing their phone numbers so there is no way to reach them. They do reply to emails though, average waiting time is about one week, then you get a reply.


I had the same experience with Wimdu Eberhard, absolutly bad !!!


How about Malaysia contact number ?


I have called several times and found that they answer quickly and are mostly very helpful.


Is there a number for Canada?



Please add on the new area and contact number, Thank you!

Taiwan 0800 868 313


Done thanks!


Recently checked out the NZ number and it worked although took 3 attempts at waiting in queue before I got a human. Only found it because a friend had had the same plight and googled Airbnb NZ contact and got it that way. I gave up trying to find it on the site although I did find it once a few years ago.

Not coming up in search - help, please?

Thanks for the flags, @Colorado!


Just received a different number for being superhost 6 quarters:
Germany +49 30 31 19 91 75
Please add.


Is there an phone number for Belgium?


Thank you so much, a life saver. Would you have any email address too ?


They don’t have a contact email I’m afraid you either have to call or try your luck at twitter @Jean


There might be but I don’t know it - did you obtain it in the end @Fabrice_de_Maere


Thanks for the update @Pigsland


did someone know contact person/CS for Indonesia specific Bali (Denpasar) area?
thanks in advance


This is really helpful, thanks!

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