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Airbnb resolution center and contact information with phone numbers


Why has this thread been unpinned?

It’s awfy useful, especially when someone’s had a distressing event and is looking to call Airbnb in a panic.



Re-pinned - I’m not sure why it unpinned


I did a search for Airbnb phone numbers (cos a guest asked) and this thread was nowhere in sight. Maybe someone (a mod) could check on the visibility of this thread? Thanks.


Maybe because you log on regularly or stay logged in? I did a Chrome incognito search and it was pinned at the top of the results. I put “phone numbers” in the search box while logged in as usual and it was the first result when sorted by relevance. So the issue is not on our end.


Yeah that’ll be it. I’m not sure what else we can do.


@K9KarmaCasa, @Kirsty_Jane

Ok. Just reporting what I saw.


I think @tom2 needs to perhaps pin the thread


It is pinned. But it becomes unpinned if you are logged in, not sure why. Our guidelines are also pinned but I don’t see them when logged in?


Thanks @Kirsty_Jane! I have another one to add (but it may be for Superhosts only)…
United States: +1-888-326-5753


Thanks :slight_smile: