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Airbnb resolution center and contact information with phone numbers


Has this post been removed from the pinned section? I used to see it on the top of the forum page each time and now I don’t


No it is still pinned. I think when you comment it gets un pinned for you. You can repin it using the options below.


Thank you. Post must be


you cant see it at the top when you’re logged in

& @Paul_Janaway


@Kirsty_Jane Hello from Venice Italy, I’m new here, thank you for this post.

Perhaps would be useful the Airbnb’s superhost contact number for Italy?

+39 02 947559910



The superhosts have a separate contact number? Well, la dee da.


Yes, we have it :wine_glass::slight_smile: but we have to queue as well


LOL :slight_smile: The way it was when I worked for Airbnb is The superhosts phone number was picked up when the call came in and they were sent to the top of the line :slight_smile:


You worked for Airbnb? Dish. Are their software engineers all drugged to the eyeballs? Sometimes it seems like that.


It would be truly helpful to have some real insights from someone who was “on the inside”. I see you just joined the forum a day ago - are you a host now?


Are these phone numbers 24hours? I am calling the one in the USA now and since the machine picked up my call I have been waiting for almost 20 min now with no message of how longer more will I be waiting.



I tried to email and this is what I got back


What is the number for Canada?


WTH! When I go to Airbnb.com/help - it doesn’t give any option to contact Airbnb. It only says “Contact the Community”! How in the world can the “community”, i.e. a public forum of other Airbnb hosts - answer a question about something specific to my account that only an Airbnb employee would be able to see and answer! This is really terrible.


You have to call them. Airbnb have been reducing there other contact methods for a while now - there used to be a pop up chat which is gone as well emailing.


Not sure

Did you find it?


Is there a number for the Caribbean?


Is there one for Canada, or should we use the one from the U.S,?


I’m not sure i’m afraid!

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