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Airbnb resolution center and contact information with phone numbers


You’re a legend @Kirsty_Jane !


No worries - I know how annoying it is trying to find it

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Bumbing post up…


Thanks! This is great!

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Any email addresses?

HELP! I've disappeared as a host!

nope they deleted them all by the looks of things its either call or twitter.

Their preferred method is to have you send “Direct Messages” to their Twitter support account: @AirbnbHelp. You’ll have to have a Twitter account, obviously, and you’ll need to follow them. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, be aware that Direct Messages (also known as DMs) are not the same as public tweets. They’re between just you and the person/entity that you send the message to. Also, they don’t have the same tiny length limit as standard tweets.

After you contact @AirbnbHelp, they’ll usually respond within minutes and exchange a few messages with you about your issue. If the issue is really complicated or if they can’t solve it, they will bump you up to an email conversation or even a phone call.

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Thanks for sharing. It has been very difficult to find Airbnb contact numbers lately, have they been removed from the website?


I believe so yeah …

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Very useful to put in my Notes! Thank you :grinning:

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Program it into your phone :slight_smile:

When I greet guests, I always have my phone with me for various reasons but one of them is that it means I can instantly contact Airbnb should there be any problem. For example, if the booking is for two people and an extra guest shows up or if they bring a child (we are not kid-friendly).

Because I have my phone with me I can get in touch with customer service before I let them into the property and it just seems a little bit more professional that refusing them entrance. It’s as though I’m trying to help them find a suitable place instead of inflicted my rules.


I just contact them by live web chat on their website. Haven’t had to wait or anything. It’s always been instant.

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Thanks for the updste

Can you please post the link to the live chat?? Ive spent ages trying to find it and im sure others have too. Air like hiding it.

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It is hidden. There is no direct link.

Basically you go to the help centre. Click I still need help. Then go through the select boxes. Eventually it offers you live chat.



do you remember which boxes though??

as they have changed everything recently - and I spent an hour trying to find it.


Help centre >> i still need help >> my question is about something else >>

Then it really depends what you want. Some of them answer your question. Some give the option for live chat. Other than that I can’t really say. Unless you go straight to altering a reservation.

What is your issue?

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Hi @Kirsty_Jane,

Is this still the preferred method? And has anyone else used this method? And if so, how did it work for you? I don’t have a Twitter account, and don’t know anything about it. And frankly, would prefer to go on not knowing anything about it. But needs must as the devil drives. I tried sending a message via the help center. If I don’t hear anything, I’ll consider Twitter.


Has this post been removed from the pinned section? I used to see it on the top of the forum page each time and now I don’t


No it is still pinned. I think when you comment it gets un pinned for you. You can repin it using the options below.


Thank you. Post must be

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