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HELP! I've disappeared as a host!


I’ve been a host for about a year. I am in thee middle of some successful lettings and i’ve received an en=mail to remind me to contact the next client to welcome him. But I can’t sign on as a host! They keep assuming I’m signing on as a guest. MY guest email address is a yahoo one, and my host address is a gmail one. Now the gmail one has disappeared!
What can I do? How can I contact them to sort this out? It’s urgent as my next client arrives on Friday.



Call them.

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Go to profile and switch to hosting? (Might have been butt switched)


My suggestion same as Jess1 – I suspect that “somehow” you got switched from Hosting to Traveling on your profile.


It’s annoying, Try logging in from a browser using search term airbnb host login.


Thanks for suggestions. I found the contact number and spoke to a “real” person who said to clear browsing history and go to airbnb.com/hosting. It worked. Hoo bloody ray!


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