Airbnb - Premature survey following help inquiry

I called Airbnb concerning a problem that had just occurred with guest and spoke to CS rep and was instructed that incident would be sent to a case worker and they would contact me. That was several days ago, and in the meantime, my question remains unanswered. My question was that our guest had checked out early and had sent us email demanding refund for the stay and that request stated NOT to make contact with them. Under Airbnb rules, as I understand it, we are required to reply within 24 hours. My question was if, under those circumstances, I was required to reply, despite guest requesting no response.
So far all I have received from Airbnb is a request to participate in a survey which basically is asking whether I would recommend Airbnb based on my recent contact with CS. Surely they should wait until they have responded to my concerns? Does this mean that as far as they are concerned, the matter is closed, despite telling me that I would be contacted by a caseworker?
However, I should mention that I was able to get through to a person within minutes and was therefore satisfied with the response time, but that was not what their survey was about.

Highly likely, they love to close cases.


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Hopefully, there is some question on the survey that will let you give them bad marks for not letting you know the matter is closed.

What transpired with the guest? It sure seems like something happened. Usually stories like this end in bad reviews.

Edit: I found you posted it in another thread here:

Ohmigoodness there’s a GARDEN HOSE!!! That is hysterical. Some people…

Do not refund this crazy guest. This type of behaviour should not be rewarded. Just respond no comment or something of that sort. AIRBB hardly ever does what they say their going to do. You have to call them. If if was me I’d just forget about it.

I would go ahead and reply to the guest. When in doubt, always cover your ass. As is, the guest will call in and complain you never sent the refund. You don’t want AirCS picking up that thread of the story and running with it.

Dear guest, your stay was already active, you didn’t cancel, and as such the room was not available for us to rent to others. Per Airbnb policies you aren’t due a refund for leaving early. Please see the policy here:

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BrianR170. - What transpired with the guest? It sure seems like something happened. Usually stories like this end in bad reviews."
You are dead right on the above, as there is no question it is going to end with bad reviews. However, I did not post this under the “Dead light bulb” thread, as that was concerning a totally different guest and if you read that entire post you will see that it was resolved in my favor by Airbnb. The only link between these guests and the latest is that they both come from the same small town.
As regards the latest bad guest, I still have not heard a word back from Airbnb, other than they will be sending messages for further assistance. In the meantime I had the usual message that guest has written a review which will be visible upon my posting a review. I intend posting a review within the time allowed, which review will be a warning to other potential hosts. As of now they have not had any reviews. My 24 hour response period to their message not to make contact has expired while waiting for a response from Airbnb as to how I should best handle that situation.