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AirBnB Plus? Anyone know how the process works?


If you guys are interested in all the details about the program, we wrote a comprehensive post about it here: Curious about the Airbnb Plus Program?.

Seems to me like they’re really just trying to rebrand the Superhost program but make it even more elite so they can charge more. Agreed with some of the comments that guests can be even more picky now with this program as It’s even more of a “hotel” offering. Airbnb is also now going to offer hotels on their platform - not sure if you guys saw this?


They always did have hotels but now it’s going to be more official.


Sorry, @cabinhost, I have no idea about these things. Air may not know yet either!


I suppose once a couple of guest have dropped a couple of stars on the cleanliness, you may drop out of Plus status


I wonder if the demotion is automatic. I can imagine the email. A bit like getting dumped from being a Superho. :rofl::rofl:


I applied and was told that the interior design of my bedroom was not up to snuff - I needed more “personal items” like knick knacks, throw cushions, etc. Basically they want me to add more stuff for the cleaners to dust and wash, and have less space for my guests to put their things. Screw that! I make enough money as it is, I don’t want to more stress having to deal with keeping the bedroom throw cushions clean and whatnot.

I think the program was not very well thought out, sure the photos will look nice but trying to actually run an Airbnb with all that staging is going to be a huge pain in the butt.


Thanks for reporting on this. And kudos to you for being secure enough about what you offer to be honest with us. Some hosts would just lie.


My pleasure! I’ll freely admit that it’s boring, just an IKEA bed and nightstands, some generic art above the headboard, reading lights and an alarm clock. I should probably spruce it up, but I’m more concerned that if I do actually join Airbnb plus then I’m going to have to maintain the place to an unreasonable standard. People are always scuffing the walls and causing minor damage to the furniture, if everything had to be perfect I’d have to throw everything out and start all over again!


I always notice on those vacation rental shows where the entire kitchen counters are covered with beautiful staging and all those pillows on every seating surface. It doesn’t even look some people would have room to sit. Makes you wonder if they stay stacked up on the floor the entire time.


Right? I just posted yesterday say no to too many pillows! One plus listing I saw is a tipi and the renter uses the bathroom and kitchen in the owners home. I wonder if the rest of the home has to be Plus as well. Easy to maintain a tipi but the rest? Ugh. But private rooms on Airbnb do qualify for plus.


I actually have a designated spot in the bedroom closet for excess pillows, as my place sleeps 2-6 in various configurations and I have a day bed with with several decorative pillows and cushions that are left out when I just have 1-2 people and put away when I have large groups.

It’s all a bit ridiculous really; does Airbnb want us to offer a consistent experience like hotels (which don’t have all this crap lying around) or do they want unique spaces that are at risk of causing guest unhappiness because the maintenance and cleanliness is that much harder?


Just happened to come across this listing in Costa Rica while checking out an inquiry on the Chrome extension …

And, yes … Superhost does not mean A-plus accommodations … and yes, it is a bit off the grid, but quite authentic.


I was sent an email telling me I needed to add art in the bedroom above the headboard. I’m totally not going to pursue this, it’s the exact opposite of under promise and over deliver!

Oh, and they have sent me like 4 follow up emails (to send a pic of the room) and none of them mention a $150 fee for the program. So from the first pop-up message I clicked on, to filling out some check lists, to these multiple emails they’ve sent me, not a single mention of the Plus process involving a payment. Maybe they ask at the very end?


Your listing is gorgeous!! What a view! If they were that nitpicky about your listing, I’m probably not going to make Plus… :slight_smile:


We had our photography session a couple of weeks ago. Air sent a nice professional photographer who also did the inspection. I was on hand in case he had questions or couldn’t locate something required by the checklist. It took about 45 minutes and, at the end, he gave me a preview of the photos which looked quite nice. Today we got notification that we’re approved but they’re working on editing/touching up the photos.

During the initial review of our listing (pre-inspection), we were told like @cooperjto that we needed more decor on the wall by the bed. We added 2 pieces of wall art being cognizant about not adding decor types that needed dusting. We also added a headboard which we were planning to add anyway. I think it took a couple of weeks for Plus to approve our changes.

Our listing is nice and modern, but it’s not in some magical location, and it’s not super fancy. For that reason, I don’t associate Plus with yuppies or luxury. It means we have soft linens, 4 sets of towels, a saucepan, a ladle, decent wi-fi, etc. I don’t think the Plus program is out of reach for ordinary listings, just a guarantee to guests of certain basics. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re hoping to have another way of cutting through the search results considering there are thousands of listings in our market.


Thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing how it improves your booking rate or if you see any change in the kinds of guests who book.


I went through the application process and experienced much of what is described herein (making some design changes such as adding more accent pillows, more accessories, plants). It took a ridiculous amount of time for ABNB+ to respond to the changes (5+ weeks).

Once design changes were approved, an inspector/photographer was scheduled within days. It took about a week for those to be processed and uploaded for my review along w/ providing written details in THEIR format.

I received notification this morning that my ABNB+ listing went live today. I reviewed it, and I have asked for some additional photos to be added (still waiting on that). I also had to revise their wording. Their go2 Title seems to be “Chic”. I realize that “Chic” is pronounced “Sheik” but I can’t help think that many will perceive it as a “Chick Guest House”. I was able to revise that to something similar to what I had originally - “Modern Guest House”

Items to NOTE:

  1. It limits what hosts can do do with their own listing (photos, description, edits)
  2. There is not a current way to discuss the concerns with ABNB+ team. You have to go through the standard help desk who then draft a note to be sent to Plus team.

Also worth noting, there was no $149 fee ever mentioned or charged.

WARNING - Be careful with Airbnb Plus - you lose control over your listing!

Thanks for returning to update us.


Thanks for the update. I’m being “inspected” next week. I’m wondering if the photographer will be a separate entity, then if it will be the same person Air sent when we started. If so, I am NOT going to be coerced into being photographer’s assistant this time. My knees still haven’t recovered.

A question. When you went live with Air+, did your original listing stay up as well?


I did not have anyone visit prior to this inspection / photography session. All was done during the same 90 minute session.

He was very independent, didn’t need assistance from me. I did help him with the inspection, as it speeded up the process, pointing to things he needed to confirm were there.

Here’s a detailed description of what the process was for me:

  1. The first part is the inspection … he has a long checklist of things to validate exist (i.e. iron, ironing board, extra TP, towels, kitchen items, wifi speed, etc) and to validate the condition of the spaces and to ensure that everything meets expectations. He takes iPhone panoramas to be submitted with the checklist as part of the inspection.

  2. The second part is the photography, this time using a professional camera & tripod that is bluetooth connected to an ipad. He told me that initial pictures needed to be as per ABNB guidelines (mostly straight on views, specific things that need to be photographed, and that all shades and curtains need to be completely open). Once that was complete, he went back and did detailed pictures (i.e. art, amenities, etc) as well as some that provided different angles / perspectives. I’ve looked at some ABNB+ postings and there does seem to be a template for what and how they photograph. I would suggest that if possible you schedule the photography session at a time when the daylight works best for your listing, especially if your listing has a lot of outdoor shots.

  3. A day or two after the inspection I received notification that based on the inspection I was missing Tea and to submit a picture that validated it had been corrected. It had been there, adjacent to the other items the inspector noted (salt/pepper, coffee, oil). After submitting a picture, it took about an hour or two for PLUS to respond that I was compliant with all ABNB requirements and that I would hear back from them once the photography had been edited and processed.

  4. After the inspection but before I saw the photographs, I received a survey to rate the experience and photographer; similar process to a guest rating a host.

  5. About a week later I received an email asking me to review the photographs that PLUS selected and provide description comments and edits. This was more challenging than any of the other tasks. The system limits the number of characters, is specific about how it wants capitalization, doesn’t allow certain punctuation, doesn’t allow words that have been used before. It required a lot of trial and error before I could get to a point where I could save / submit.

  6. A few days from that point is when I received a note that the PLUS listing went live.

The PLUS listing replaced the original listing; Some of the original detailed information was carried over, but many of the descriptions were modified. I recommend going through everything carefully to ensure its accurate and reflects how you want it represented.

WARNING - Be careful with Airbnb Plus - you lose control over your listing!
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