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AirBnB Plus? Anyone know how the process works?


Have you read about airbnb's new program?


Thank you, We are in the NYC metro area. Message says, “We are not in your area yet, we will message you when we are.”


One thing to highlight is that there is a $149 application fee. (not just to request an invite, but once you receive the invite you’ll need to pay it in order to submit the actual application)


they seem to charge you $149 for examining your house?


Yeah, Chesky’s reasoning was that it helps cover the cost of the person coming to your house to verify your listing, the photographer, and the extended marketing (he worded it differently but can’t remember exactly how)


Something tells me this is going to be a really really high standard.


as far as I can see it’s not for hosts like us in out-of-the-way places like north-west England - and we wouldn’t quality anyway as we share our bathroom with our guests - it’s dead old-fashioned up here in t’north: clogs, flat caps, whippets and black pudding.


Agreed. Which, as a guest, I think is a really good idea. As a host, I’m sad that we wouldn’t qualify (most likely).


Don’t be sad, be glad. All the guests with lower expectations can still book our places. :rofl:


Only in 13 cities! Not in ours yet.


Coming soon to Seattle. We “might” qualify, not sure. Our place is older. Is it worth $149?

If we were to qualify, I worry about the guest expectation. What if our towels weren’t quite fluffy enough or some other thing wasn’t up to par? More to complain about.


Yup, my thoughts too. It almost seems like a whole new level of super ho.


I fear the same. I have a feeling that it’s going to attract a more “high maintenance” guest that will nit pick everything, and you can almost do no right.


I think older is fine but it probably needs some sort of distinct panache to qualify. Like a Frank Lloyd Wright all done up in MCM.

The more I think about it the less I think I would want to cater to the sort of folks this is aimed at.

No offense to people who offer other sorts of listings but I wish Air was just guest rooms and guest suites attached to homes and owner occupied only. Everyone else on VRBO or Hotels dot com or Glamping Hub or your own website.


Everyone just remember…Air is in it for profits. What you listened to today was a rah rah sales pitch. The day that Air removes the extenuating circumstances policy - and promises to do it permanently, and stops making host cancellation policies more lax…is the day I will take Chesky seriously.


I can’t remember where I read it but I heard they were going to create insurance so someone else besides the host takes the risk on ECs. I think when everyone here has lost thousands to EC they may feel differently. and I would not wish that on you.


Exactly. A lot of people wear their rose colored glasses because it hasn’t happened to THEM…but when it does they start crying and whining. I know I’d be crying tears if I had to write a check for a grand or two…


“One of a kind homes” eh? But they will have a 100 point checklist that each home must have? That makes sense. In the beginning all the homes on Airbnb were one of a kind. Until all the investors came in and started renting cookie cutter properties that all look like Ikea and Home Goods had a love child.

Chesky is total bullshit from stem to stern. I can’t stand him. As for Airbnb Plus, whatever. Won’t make one bit of difference to my rental business.


I confess that I am intrigued, if only because of superior SEO’s (that is to say, appearing near the top of the listings). However I want to get a good look at that checklist.

My place is in a steel town, and the location is not the greatest. I have competition within walking distance that’s $15CAD a night. In the same breath there’s definitely levels of hospitality, and it’s possible to do a lot better.

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