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AirBnB Plus? Anyone know how the process works?


As a Superhost, as far as I am concerned, by launching the “Airbnb Plus” category, in one fell swoop Airbnb has essentially downgraded, cheapened and created confusion about the Superhost category, downgrading us, who are their top producers, to second class citizen status. Their thoughtless, amateurish and unfortunate decision to use the word “Plus” implies that any listing not “Plus,” including Superhost homes, is inferior and is somehow lacking. The way this was abruptly sprung on us and Airbnb’s bad choice of the word “Plus” as the category name is extremely disappointing. As a result, I, and I expect/hope many other Superhosts who have not already done so, will be including my listings on several other leading booking sites that are competitive with Airbnb, with the unfortunate effect on Airbnb that this will inevitably diminish the revenue I/we produce for Airbnb. I am not, in principle, opposed to the notion of establishing a “luxury” category, but it should have been named and described differently. I have many more constructive thoughts about this but, since Airbnb will doubtless not care to know them, I won’t offer them.


You might be right, that remains to be seen. But it seems to me that Superhost is mostly about the host and Plus is mostly about the property. Someone can superhost a modest listing that would never make the Plus cut for decor, design, landscaping, etc.

The plus label and speculation about it was posted here in Oct 2016. So just because you (or I, not throwing stones here) didn’t know about it doesn’t mean it was "sprung on us."

Time will tell if the word Plus is unfortunate. Big companies spend a lot of time doing research before they spend money re-branding. Sometimes it’s a big failure but it doesn’t mean they didn’t put effort into choosing the word.

Consensus on this forum is that Airbnb is the best and doesn’t really have much competition depending on what kind of listing you have. I offer an ensuite room attached to my house. No kitchen, laundry, sitting room. It’s like a mid-tier hotel room with better parking, cleanliness and quieter. I don’t think Plus will hurt me at all and the new criteria for the For Work category might help. So I’m optimistic. But foretelling the future is way out of my pay grade.

Yes, but will it diminish Airbnb’s revenue? They think it will enchance their revenue, they don’t care about you.

Just a reminder, even if you did offer them here they still wouldn’t know. This site is not owned or operated by Airbnb. Thanks for chiming in and moving your post over here.


Plus isn’t available in my city yet, so this is just my two cents…but I look forward to it! Kindof surprised by all the negativity, tbh.

Superhost does not mean A-plus accommodations, because any host can become a Superhost. All SH means is that you never cancel your guests and you get a high percentage of five stars. These days people can throw a mattress on the floor to make an Airbnb listing…and still be a SH. One example I saw had two rooms; each with three mattresses on the floor, one shared bathroom for six people. lol One towel per guest and the guy was a SH! Now I’m not a snob, but I don’t think my place should be in that same category if the only current distinctions are Superhost or not SH.

The Plus category sounds great to me. We spent a pretty penny creating our guest accommodation. Buying expensive mattresses and ensuring that the linens, towels, bedding and pillows are plush. Not to mention all the furniture, art, textiles, electronics, appliances, super fast wifi, and all the consumables, etc.

I have no problem with the Plus label for a listing that goes all out being distinct from others. When looking at the Plus listings so far, they weren’t all as posh as I was expecting, but you could tell they were hosts who went the extra mile, so I don’t think it will degrade my SH status in any way if I am not a Plus listing either, because maybe you’re required to do things I have zero interest in, like early check-ins, snacks or allowing LT guests.

Hopefully we can all get both Plus and SH, but it seems a little too soon to tell. Maybe there will eventually be tiers and even more distinctions made. Who knows. It could wind up being fabulous.


Maybe a hotel star system :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::rofl:


Haha!!! Five stars all the way, babyyyyyyy!!! :rofl::grinning::wink:

Ok maybe not. :neutral_face:


They are adding the “Beyond Airbnb” luxury tier later this year


Oh! Here we go… “Fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a bumpy night!”


I just read all bizillion Airbnb plus rules. I’m definitely out thanks to PALMETTO bugs!!! There is no way to keep them from flying or wandering into my first floor, no steps, on a concrete slab condo. In coastal SC there will be bugs.

At some point I started skimming the rules. Is there a “quiet nights” requirement ? If so, really forget it for me. The singing tree frogs at night just totally eliminated me from being considered.


You have to coqui frogs there?
Anyone in the tropics will have to opt out then. Such a shame. Not.


I don’t think there is a quiet nights requirement…Annet is asking if there is one. However there is a bug free requirement. My CR rental was absolutely a plus level place…also with plenty of bugs.


How can anyone in the tropics guarantee no bugs. Do geckos count?
Seems they want this to be a sterile space experience.



I’ve got racerunner lizards hanging around my patio. Maybe I can train them to guard the patio doors to snack on palmetto bugs thus keeping my place bug free!!

The comment about the tree frogs singing was kind of a joke. Like the Coqui they are incredibly loud. Frog cousins, I think. They could help with the palmetto bug-lets (kinda like pig-let) but everyone would be deafened by the noise (or need ear plugs 24/7)

Also I know I will never be an Airbnb plus because my guests agree to do their own exit cleaning. (Here we go!)


These pictures were all the go about 50 years ago in Ireland, they glowed in the dark just to frightening the life of you as a child. Am sure older generations would still have them. My next door neighbour had them and I had to fed their dogs while away and I swear the eyes were following me. I wonder could this art reflect me as a host ???

It’s a nice money earner for AIRBNB, I got the photographer for free before. I have everything except filtered water but does it mean guests should expect to pay twice or three times the amount for the room as its part of the airbnb plus ? I reckon most people like to get a bargain, well the ones that stay with me do.


Airbnb has already pocketed over $1.2 million on Airbnb Plus applications



Wow!!! It’s a good little money spinner then eh


I filled out the survey they sent me because I thought it would help my placement but I had no idea there was a $149 fee. They better not take it out of my account, I didn’t even know what this was and I don’t want the more demanding guests.


When was this?..


10 days ago – I don’t think I responded to an AIR email, I think I was on the site dealing with reservations and it popped up and I clicked it. It was just a check list that took around 3 min to fill out. I did get an email afterwards saying they were reviewing lots of applications and it would be awhile before I heard back from them. If this requires an inspection, I suppose that’s when they’re going to ask for the fee at which point, I think many of the smaller operators will say forget it.

Every commercial AIR in my hood (and many well-reviewed private owners) will surely sign up for this and since there are hundreds in my area it won’t do anything to raise the profile of my listing.


Yes, Chesky tweeted a few days ago that they already had 9000 applications in the 13 available markets. I’d assumed that was fee payers but if they are counting pop-up clickers too that’s a different matter.


Yes, and at no point in the process (including in the automated follow-up email) did I see anything about a $149 application program fee or I would have immediately closed it!

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