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AirBnB Plus? Anyone know how the process works?


Lolz-Hell no to this! I don’t need more work. I’ve notice that all of the Airbnb Plus listings in my neighborhood of L.A. have had their images updated and the things in their places were updated too. They have actually gone in and added or rearranged the furniture and painted and changed drapes, etc. They are going in and styling the places. I’m sure Airbnb picked a handful of properties in my hot, hot, hot neighborhood and gave them that stuff for free, just to get everyone else in the neighborhood to bite at their new Airbnb Plus offer. It’s so freaking obvious!


The current L.A. “example” of a Plus rental was clearly staged like a model home in a new development would be. It’s fake or at the very least manipulated beyond belief. It’s probably shot on a soundstage. But the writing’s on the wall. For years I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that Airbnb is going to favor buyers over sellers (just like ebay and a host of other ecommerce sites did after they had created sufficient supply) via methods like incessantly forcing prices down and insane EC policies. The endless updates and changes with their Orwellian hipster doubletalk (e.g., the “Stats” page is now “Progress”), the silly soup to nuts bs of “Experiences” that hosts have to compete with for precious front page real estate.

ABnB Plus is just the next step. They don’t want the crappy room in someone’s house business. They want upscale and they want control so they can go after business travelers with their expense accounts and tax write offs and overall cache. That’s an ENORMOUS, lucrative business. They’re going to get it too because if you don’t play ball with them you are going to get BURIED. Just look at how they display search results in Plus cities and you’ll see what I mean.

Even then I could understand it all to some degree. They’re in business to make money and they want to go public. A lot of fortunes are balled up in stock options waiting to be unleashed. What sickens me is Cheskey himself. He has the nerve to pitch this as an earnest, aw shucks desire to create a “place for everyone” while he prances around the stage in his sneakers, What a tool. It makes me shudder to even do business with him.


I wonder if another start up will come along and take it, or Airbnb could sell it off. There is a market for it, but who wants to provide the market. Is it impossible to make money with it? I’d actually like a platform like that. I don’t see why I should be lumped in with people who have 6 homes, true VRs, apartment complexes, traditional bnbs…I’d like a platform where every rental was owner occupied. It could be a basement suite but the owner has to live on site. And yes people could still offer a bed in their living room.


They just cannot be all things to all people. In their first presentation, my eyes glazed over when they started showing the castles and villas in Tuscany…, how many of us can relate to that?

I think the room sharing business has reached a plateau. They feel they have to branch out and be the soup to nuts travel experience. I think ultimately that can’t progress because they are competing against a tried and true, well worn path. There have been luxury accommodations since the beginning of time.

They appeal to the starry eye newcomer who will cheer and do everything to earn the next badge or level. All the while not realizing they will get crunched on ECs, and other controlling parts of being on the platform.

They’ve lost their way, that much is clear.


I disagree simply because there are still too many people who haven’t heard of it. About a year ago 59% in a survey said they hadn’t heard of it. I have friends who say the idea of staying in someone’s house doesn’t appeal to them but a place like mine would. The demographic with the most disposable income…airbnb could still make inroads there.


I mean in terms of their corporate vision it has, not in terms of our reality.
Home sharing won’t last into the infinite time horizon, lol.


From a guest perspective, I see a major flaw with the Plus program. Yes, the house is “verified” as clean and well maintained, but who’s to say it will stay that way? They come in initially to inspect it and find it clean. But as we all know, you need to clean continually as well as reinvest in new sheets, towels, maintenance, etc. How does ABB know that will continue to happen? What if a host hires a cleaning company and they don’t show up sometime or do a bad job? Just because things are good at the initial inspection doesn’t mean they will always be up to those standards.


If you invested $150 to get in why wouldn’t you invest in keeping the place up to standard. And it might be hard for us, the great unwashed masses to imagine but places like those pictured do exist. I’ve stayed in two whole house places that were gorgeously decorated and updated and which could, in my opinion, qualify. And the reviews will take care of any slackers. One of the problems I see is the expectations of the guests are higher. I say under promise and over deliver. The plus host has to over promise and over deliver. No thanks.


Did you see in the Qand A that one of the reasons a host made Plus is because she offered kombucha to guests, eye roll. I guess a certain level of hip is needed as well.


$150 is, frankly, nothing compared to the upkeep of a property like that. It’s the equivalent of one or two cleaning fees.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts the properties that are not Plus. It’s possible it could backfire - the guests end up thinking the Plus properties will be overpriced and end up booking non-Plus properties.


Eventually, at the guest’s expense! After paying a premium and having high expectations. That’s my point! I’m not saying many Plus places will do this but there may be some. ABB can’t guarantee every Plus place will always be to the highest standards.


What’s kombucha? 2020


Plus… are they forgetting that their core users have always turned to Air as a cheaper alternative. If you are going to be charged $500 a night, why not just check into the Fairmont or 4 Seasons?

Will this appeal to most of their users or will it flop? Will PLUS be a liability in the end?


LOL!!! Kombucha is fermented tea that’s all the rage. I make it at home, simple to do.


There’s a market for it but they don’t want it. It’s comparatively low revenue and it’s inconsistent. For example, the lower end exposes them misfits that create potential liability (well documented in certain cases) that an upscale, expensive and–dare I say it–professionally managed property likely wouldn’t.

I think they always viewed the cheap room business as an entry point to connect with younger, tech savvy customer based but one that would be jettisoned once they reached critical mass. Another site may do it sure but they won’t have the tremendous platform Airbnb has created and likely not the customer service either–as sketchy as ABnB’s is.


I guess they think it would be reflected in reviews? “Place was okay but I wouldn’t call it PLUS”. I bet that line will be used.


That’s my motto. I always love when people are pleasantly surprised or say it looks better in real life.


Exactly! In any business, if things are better than customers expect, then you will have happy customers (who will leave 5 star reviews). But if you tell them everything they will get ahead of time, then they get what they expected and it will just be a satisfactory experience.


Hotels have to meet this expectation all the time. Even the five star ones get slammed in reviews.


Well I was wondering what is going to happen if the Plus property goes down below the 4.8 star status. Will Air demote them and the host has to “reapply” at some later time to see if they can be accepted into the program again?

And what about this required 95% acceptance rate? Is it gong to count against the host if the guest planned to bring more people and host feels “uncomfortable”? Will Air say too bad, too sad.

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