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AirBnB Plus? Anyone know how the process works?


I just cut the cable in the air room and put Roku and an antenna for local broadcasts. I may add Sling TV later if I feel I or my guests need more programming. But I would think a Plus listing would need some programming on the TV. Think…like a hotel.


Exactly! I’m worried that we won’t be able to keep everything up perfectly every single time. Sometimes our yard doesn’t look that great, for instance.


I wonder who they’re recruiting for inspectors for these top properties? I quite fancy the job myself … I’m very nosy and love seeing other people’s listings. I can see myself calling round with my towel fluffometer , my bedsheet thread-counter and my white cotton gloves for checking the tops of door frames …


The only thing we don’t have here is filtered water - our tap water is a great quality and it’s totally unnecessary. I’d definitely be worried about expectations though, particularly if this list was available to guests. Yet more ways to be marked down in reviews.


I have no idea what you just listed off at the end of your post but I’m intrigued lol


Curious if anyone who is going to apply, has asked for clarification on any guidelines for the 95% acceptance rate.

If it means that Air requires hosts to accept no matter if guest didn’t read rules, etc. …then a lot of people are going to be out $149.


The outside bathroom you mean of course :slight_smile:


We applied for Barcelona… will report back if we ‘qaulify’ LMAO


I guess they are going for properties that look like at least a soulless 4 star hotel rooms or high end holiday rentals that look like they are out of equally soulless home decor magazine. Perhaps they will be marketing to a different group of people than currently use their properties. A lot of places that are bought in new buildings for STR will qualify just by keeping things clean+basic (+ fluffy towels!). Older properties, like mine, would need to be repainted and few dings fixed up. That would cost $2-3,000 which I don’t have.


That seems like a lot of $$$. Is he coming himself?


Our building was built in 1850s…


I guess if it is an apartment then it is the interior and public areas which count.


I will submit our 1920s house in SF as well and report back…


I got the initial questionnaire/invite several months ago for the beta testing–there was no $148 fee to participate at that time. I filled out the questionnaire, but had no interest in pursuing it as I’m not interested in putting art on the walls–I have a simple, clean aesthetic-- or a installing a TV as I don’t watch it myself, most of my guests bring laptops, tablets and/or phones. I also am not interested in offering 24 hour check-in. Furthermore, my location is a major visitor magnet in an upscale residential neighborhood next to a gorgeous beach where there are no hotels. The closest hotel is $500 plus a night. I highly recommend it for anyone who desires luxury accommodation. in fact, I dine in the hotel restaurant often and recommend it to my guests. But I’m not interested in competing at that level for hotel guests. My only concern is that I rank #2 in the search results for my very competitive area. I would not want that to drop so I would end up on the second or third page or worse…Time will tell if this new business model will fly. WSJ just reported that so far, Experiences has been a bust.


My thoughts exactly!


It’s going to be superfluous for someone like you! Agree with everything you said.


Since when has Airbnb been the ultimate authority on what constitutes great hospitality?


Malaga doesn’t yet qualify for this, but I might apply if it did … a lot of the checklist seems to me what most of us would supply anyway - I mean, shout out if you only supply mangy, scratchy towels?

However, I did notice that one of the Cape Town ABB Plus listings is in exactly the same block as the apartment we’re in the process of buying there! All the apartments are exactly the same size and similar configuration so I hope we’ll be eligible when we list our apartment there.

Of course, in CT at the moment the fluffy towels aren’t really relevant since you can’t take a shower anyway …


Welcome back - I just noticed your post on another thread! Trust you are now fully well and ready for the Airbnb fray!


We have 4 wine glasses that match each other. I got them every year at an animal related auction we go to that raises money for a low cost spay/neuter clinic. I put them in there just to have one little thing that represents “me” (and I have an abundance of them). But I suppose to be a plus listing I’d have to take them out and get some plain matching ones. We do have matching plates, etc., but there are also some extras in another cupboard that don’t match. Would I have to remove those?

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