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AirBnB Plus? Anyone know how the process works?


I feel like I would have liked to have seen some relief for hosts holding the bag on ECs. And other cancellation policies that appear to be coming out.

I’d rather see that than seventeen million new filters.

What good are the filters if they can book, look and cancel and the host writes a check for it. In my case, the guest got to save her trip while I ate it hard. This is so wrong.


And a sales pitch like that is usually presented not too long before the next bomb will drop of host’s losing more control…

They are trying to mitigate the inevitable.


Or set up a smoke screen!


The invite showed up for me today to apply. The requirements are basically that everything the guest uses is very clean, in good condition, colour-coordinated and well-equipped. Honestly, I’m a bedroom-door lock, a Roku TV and matching teacups away from qualifying. The process is a bunch of checklists that you work through. Once you’ve checked all of the requirements, then you can pay to apply.

I’m lucky, in that I’m in a tight rental market with high demand. So, I can raise the price accordingly if I provide a higher quality offering. But, I like the guests I’m getting now. I don’t know if a guest who previously might have been pleased with my place will be harder to please if I have an Airbnb Plus designation. Since the suite I Airbnb is in my home, I’m considering this carefully.


I have a fridge magnet from when I visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. Does that count? :japanese_goblin:


Lordy! To make this post 20 chars let me just say again: Lordy! :japanese_goblin:


I was reading through the checklist, and one of the requirements is that there be no scuffs on the walls. My guests are constantly banging and rubbing their suitcases up against the walls, how the hell am I supposed to stop this?!


You don’t stop it but you do repair it or clean it between guests. Mr. Clean magic eraser is awesome for one that will clean off. For gouges a bit of repair material (I like something called Quick Fix or epoxy clay better than spackling) and matching paint.


Can someone post the checklist here?




I already do or exceed (like every stay has 4 pillows) everything except there is no kitchen.


By TV, do they mean cable or Dish connected AND Roku? Or just the ability to use Roku?
I meet or exceed all of these as well.

I guess I feel like they are forcing higher standards but not willing to really reward them other than in a placement situation. If the competition starts getting more intense, I suppose I could just get the roku. I do have everything else.


No idea. It must be interesting to be an inspector to these properties and then say “sorry, you don’t have enough programming on your TV.” What if your towels aren’t fluffy enough? What is a high quality bedsheet? I have 5G internet now but what if it’s down the day they come to inspect? What if a bug flies into the room? My toilet is probably too close to the opposing wall to qualify. Also please come in the spring or fall so I don’t have to worry that the heat or AC isn’t good enough.


LOL! Can get you a wee bit paranoid. I line dry so I can’t always ensure fluff. I think I am gunna pass on this.


I resent the fee they want to charge for the visit. If you are getting all the bookings you want… would you bother?
Would you end up with a moaning guest because your version of a fluffy towel isn’t fluffy enough?


Do we know if you have to meet every single one of the 100 items? It seems like the only two I don’t have are a TV and a full kitchen (there is a kitchenette with fridge/microwave/kitchen stuff, but no range)… but of the 115 or so guests I’ve had, not one has complained about either one of those (as it’s a peaceful cabin in a foodie destination). I tend to attract fairly well-off guests as my place is looks like it fell out of pinterest, so this is new program would make sense for my listing.


I would say you MUST meet all of them, but that is me guessing. I don’t know what they mean by TV. Does it have to be hooked up to cable or can it be a TV that has a roku or chromecast attached?
Do they say FULL kitchen? Only full house rentals would probably have them. Or they should just define what they mean by those terms.


No you just have to access to them. I saw a Tipi on Plus. Yes, a Tipi. The very nice bathroom and kitchen are in the house. If people want to know what a Plus listing means I suggest looking at the ones they have already approved. “Guests not complaining” is not one of the standards, (no offense), but if it were I’d be disqualified. I had one Italian guest complain because he didn’t get an entire house with kitchen for $40 a night.


The quote from the airbnb page says “TV with remote control and access to entertainment, such as cable, Netflix, or Roku”


OR being the key and operative word. You can get a chrome cast for $35 s month but basic cable might run you much more than that monthly.

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