Airbnb paying 25% based on your cancellation policy?

Got the email tonight. Unfortunately, 100% of my guests cancelled due to Covid more than five days before their reservations, which is within my policy. More than $5,000 of reservations cancelled so far due to Covid, but it doesn’t look like I’ll qualify for any reimbursement because I have a moderate cancellation policy?


Correct. The hosts with Strict guest cancellation policies are the hosts getting rewarded because they are also the hosts that got penalized when Airbnb modified their extenuating circumstances policy and offered penalty-free cancellations to guests.

I also lost over $5,000 in cancelled reservation with a Flexible cancellation policy, so doesn’t apply to me, either.


Yeah, the only way those of us with a moderate policy would get anything is if a guest cancelled less than 5 days before check-in.

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And hosts with Flexible policy would only get something for reservations where the check-in was March 14 and the guest cancelled after check-in time on March 13, and even then they would only get 25% of their nightly rate for one night, not for the whole reservation. :wink:

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I just knew there was another good reason to have a Strict policy. I might get $20 back…


I would never do a strict policy because I would never personally reserve a place that uses a strict policy. I suppose I understand that Airbnb went against people’s policies when offering refunds. However, considering the unusual circumstances, any decent human being would have given a refund. JMO


Yep. Moderate cancellation policy. All guests cancelled more than 5 days before their stay except the couple that left during their stay to return to Canada before borders closed. My maximum possible refund =$43 HEY it’s better than nothing!!!

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Part of the problem is that many decent human beings depend on Airbnb income. If you have a family to feed and your guest seemingly has plenty of money (oh let’s say they live in NYC’s Upper East Side and have a child attending Princeton) maybe the “decent human” refuses any refund. The other bigger problem is that people didn’t understand the scope of the problem. In the US this includes a US president who gives a briefing each day filled with lies. 40% of the population believes him and thinks he is doing a good job.

Some of these people are decent and genuinely thought it was overblown and that all their guests should still travel because there was “no coronavirus” in the guest’s town, none in the host’s town and seemingly none anywhere in between. This fertile ground has been plowed for years and sowed with seeds of distrust of science, the media and other boogeymen. Now we reap our harvest.

Please don’t think only decent people can afford to give full refunds.


If a person cancels, leaving you with no time for another booking then there should be a penalty. We have a strict policy, and it in no way affects our bookings.
Common sense and good will comes in to play for the circumstances.


Sorry, “decent human being” was strong language. I run my Airbnb as a business and certainly can’t afford to give refunds, but under the circumstances (city is under stay at home orders), I would feel obliged to do so.


We are all under a lot of stress. Shoot, I almost started crying because I couldn’t get logged into my Sprouts online shopping account (it’s a local grocer) and I can’t reset my password. But I have tons of food! LOL.

I just hope we can try to minimize the judgey-ness here. Also it’s a publicly read forum and one host saying another host isn’t a decent human being isn’t a good look.

Best of luck to you, this is a terrible business to be dependent on now.


Thank you and SOHIL for the clarification of the cancellation policy, solid debate, civil discussion, and awareness of the stressors we’re all under. This forum is super-helpful, and better for your presence. Wishing all of us safe passage through this tempest. :sunflower:


Interesting I haven’t been paid out for any of my strict cancellations. :frowning:


Hey moderator, I’m new here looking for help especially in these difficult times. I’m a little surprised by the insertion of the political opinions. I’m sure you’ll have some community members agreeing and some not, but hoping it’s not necessary to air that much here especially as a moderator who we look up to to maintain a good tone. Thanks for the work you do.


They haven’t paid anyone yet. Looks like payouts will start in early April and continue monthly and there will be a maximum of 3 payouts (March cancellations will be paid in early April; April cancellations will be paid in early May; and May cancellations will be paid in early June).


Please for the love of all you consider holy… do not look up to me. I’m a very very ordinary flawed human.

I’m also someone who taught US government for over 30 years and I have strong and well sourced opinions. The current US President is the worst one in our history, replacing James Buchanan at the bottom. He is a danger to all Americans and I will stand by that until the day I die. If you are unable to stomach reading that please use the “mute” button and ignore me.

I’ll happily give up my moderator position and let the other moderators silence me before I will willingly stand by and be silent.


Of course you’re entitled to your political opinions, as everyone else is, but that doesn’t mean people want to or should have to hear it.

You are in a special position as a moderator in that you set the tone, but I have a feeling you’d pound pretty hard anyone you don’t agree with and maybe kick them off so people will tend to not disagree with you. Maybe you’ll kick me off, I hope not. I assumed this was a nonpolitical forum about our Airbnb properties. I’d welcome advice and news on that, not unsolicited political opinions. Your response back was anything but understanding


This forum is what it is. If you don’t agree with how it’s run, or the latitude given to members when expressing opinions, I’m sure there are other forums out there that you may be more comfortable with.

You’ve been here five minutes, so to speak, so maybe you should wait a bit before telling us what is wrong with our forum, and its members.



I agree completely.

Here’s a post on how to ignore anyone whose opinion you don’t want to hear:


Thank you. Just because I’m “new” here does not mean my opinion should be dismissed. I think I was respectful and hope others who can’t be will refrain from commenting. These are tough times and I was hoping to find help here with other hosts in similar situations. No disrespect intended moderator.