Airbnb House Rules Signs Question


I am looking for house rules signs for my Airbnb. I need a no-smoking (or vaping), bathroom and maybe some other misc sings like turn off the lights etc. My place is modern so I don’t want wooden signs. Does anyone have signs like that and could you post a link. Thanks.

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Design and print your own, laminate or put them in photo frames and hang them your self


Thank you, I am looking for more of a finished product. I want to give my place the best look possible.

Just don’t have too many of them!


The best look possible doesn’t include signs inside the listing, imo.

A trophy shop near me can make metal engraved or plexiglass signs and that’s where I’d go if I wanted custom rules signs.


You might try Etsy “custom sign” or Fiverr for graphic artists.

Best look possible is to have VERY few signs.

People who turn off lights will always do so. Signs won’t help the others.


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind

Echoing what others have said. The fewer signs, the better and 0 signs will always look the best.

Guests hate the “don’t do this, don’t do that” and the constant nagging can put a bad taste in their mouth come review time.

That said, some signs can be helpful, such as instructions on how to use the washing machine or coffee machine.


Ok, I just needed some signs

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I agree with KKC, a local sign shop can create some amazing products, and you can choose something of theirs or something you have in mind, graphic designers are employed at sign shops & are usually delighted to create something fun & outside the box.


I found what I was looking for but I can’t post a link or picture. I guess new members can’t do that.

No because too many people use this forum to promote their own products and businesses. (like the random person who already magically appeared to tell us about her website above) People sign up, pimp their product, blog, website…and disappear. Some well established members of our community are permitted to post their promotional or affiliate links with moderator approval.

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Ok that makes sense.

1 Like is my go to for signs, business cards, banners, books and all sorts of other printed projects.


I just make my own using clip art, then print and laminate. It costs just a few dollars and you can customize it to your decor. I place them on small clear stands.

I was working on making stickers and ran across this:

A graphic designer could help you create images for printing in that format. They look pretty modern/minimalist and might fit your decor.

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i like vistaprint too but I hate signs. I prefer to email the rules to the guest the before they arrive.

i’ve seen in other houses either embroidered signs in the bathroom or kitchen or some framed ones, displaying a limerick or “maid is on vacation. please clean after yourselves”

Try Etsy.

Just did a quick search, and there are tons in different styles.

I know! I am a light turner offer, my kids OTOH…



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I’ve started putting up QR codes on items that are a bit complicated (e. g., espresso maker). The QR code goes to our website where the instructions are located.


I have a couple here at the moment who must live in virtual darkness at home! We came home last night to find every light turned off. I confess we are a bit profligate, after investing in LEDs throughout the house. I like to come home to a softly lit welcome. And my way to bed illuminated…