Airbnb has filed for IPO

See info from my news feed. It’s a pic of the title. The link is limited access so search for article for more

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I think the confidential part covers number of shares & original asking price. It will be interesting to see if Airbnb gives hosts first opportunity to purchase shares

Good thought. I wonder what the response rate would be from hosts. I’m on the fence as to whether it would be a good buy or not, but I’m more of a slow/steady gal, and not a risk taker.

Another article on CNBC:

And PRNewswire:


I have 2.5kg of magic beans, probably a better bet. Interest you in a couple of hundred grams?



Gee, they must not be doing too badly. Maybe they could spend some profits, those executive pay cuts and the founders salaries on hiring some help back. I think this could be a new definition of hubris.

I don’t know what will happen to Airbnb stock in the future. But I will say that I’ve bought and sold a number of stocks including Amazon (1999, again in the early aughts, I don’t want to think about it now) as well as a bunch of stocks that have made no money or lost everything. As far as I’m concerned any individual stock purchase is a lottery ticket. Proceed on that basis.


I recognize forum members have various opinions about Airbnb. My opinion is based on my experience.

2020 had several rental bumps in the road. Overall my Airbnb experience has been good. I think in 18 months my rentals can return to STR so this downturn is not forever for Airbnb.

I would be willing to invest. I agree this IPO is a gamble so whatever I invest I would have to be willing to lose. So in my case I couldn’t invest much.


I bought Apple about a week after it went public, 500 shares at $12. A few years later, I had become a full time student and needed to pay tuition, so I sold the shares for $16, feeling great about making 33% profit in such a short time. Six weeks later, Apple released the Macintosh, the stock went up to $66, and never looked back.

I suppose I could check on what that would be worth now, but hey, I eventually did graduate with that degree…

But would I buy AirBnB stock? Not as long as the entitled idiots running the company now are in charge. Big on concepts, horribly flawed on execution, every time. Plus is a great example.


No, don’t LOL. I look at AMZN and others from time to time. I don’t know why. My history teacher background served me well when it comes to politics but when it comes to the market, I’ve little patience.

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Another interesting article in my daily news update from work:

Interesting in that they reference how many bookings were made in a single day a couple months ago. I know v/s world population this number is a pittiance, but to me - Dang! That is alot of people traveling.

If enough hosts bought a few shares each … that’s voting power once they’re public.


You graduated and hopefully never became a gambler or had a gambling problem… I consider that a win win plus plus .

Does anyone know how to participate in the Airbnb IPO as a retail investor?

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What an utterly perfect time to have the site crash, guests trips canceled and hosts up in arms about lost bookings!
Anyone thinking that this was deliberate?

Actually the time to buy Airbnb stocks is good. Again, the company prioritized US hosts (same like it was with Covid grants) for pre-ipo. But stock buying for offering price still possible via IPO marketplaces as described in the link posted above

I think the timing is perfect, we have vaccines now and everyone is hungry to travel

It’s going to be year or so before there is vaccine available all over the world for private citizens.

While that’s true it’s also true that the kind of discretionary travel that will contribute to a uptick next year is still going on at a reduced level now, without a vaccine. As older folks get it they will head out of town. I just got a call this morning from a dog client who wanted to talk about the vaccine, their new dog, and their planned trip to Panama in Feb or Mar.

After health care workers and nursing home residents come other vulnerable populations, then those over 65. As always the well off with discretionary income to travel will be ahead of those who struggle paycheck to paycheck.

This isn’t an endorsement of buying Airbnb stock though.

I just read that the Moderna vaccine confers immunity for “at least” 3 months. So it looks to me like they won’t even be done vaccinating the most vulnerable before everyone has to line up again.